Sir Andy Murray, OBE. World No 1
Wimbledon Champion 2013 & 2016
Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012
Team GB - Davis Cup Champions 2015
Olympic Gold Medallist 2016
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016


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    Re: Non-tennis News

    I had no idea about Basil Brush. I only knew him as Oscar Blaketon in Heartbeat - a show they STILL have on Canadian tv every Friday night at 9 p.m.
  2. Re: ATP CUP 2019, 3-12 January (Australia). Main thread

    Ugh so disappointed for Team GB. I thought they were the better dubs team and Jamie was sooooo close to winning it outright. So painful. But Dan was a star - that was a really great match....
  3. Re: ATP CUP 2019, 3-12 January (Australia). Main thread

    Yay for Canada! Altho' they won't get past Serbia but still happy they got as far as they did! Good luck Team GB vs Australia who have not lost a match as yet.
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    Sticky: Re: ATP CUP 2019, 3-12 January (Australia). Main thread

    Awww that's a shame! I do so hope he's fit enough to compete at Indian Wells coz I'm going there and was so hoping to see him play. Good luck Andy xxx
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    Re: Non-tennis News

    George Michael's sister Melanie died on Christmas Day aged 55 - THREE years after her brother did the same. :sad:
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    Re: What has made you happy or sad?

    Hugs James xxx :flowers:
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    Re: Non-tennis News

    Madonna's video. THAT'S where I've seen him!!! I couldn't think of it. :thanks:
  8. Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Sports Illustrated's take on the new format Davis Cup:
  9. Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Here is Cdn journo, Tom Tebbutt's take on the pros and cons of the new format DC.
  10. Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Hmmm well Canada sucked today. Denis was OK but Felix looked like a rabbit in front of headlights. Anyway, there's always next year. At least they had about 400 fans who came over to support them....
  11. Re: Davis Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

  12. Re: Davis Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    I've been out all day and just got caught up. Am watching GB vs Spain live but just finished watching Canada beat Russia on the pvr at the same time. Phew! So happy for Canada. REALLY hope GB can...
  13. Re: Davis Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Well I'm really chuffed that Canada has managed to beat Italy, USA AND Australia to get to the semi. Well done to our MVP, Vasek Pospisil. And also only two of our 4 players have played all three...
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    Re: Dominic Thiem

    Top quality match that!!! Glad Thiem prevailed.
  15. Re: PARIS MASTERS 1000 2019, 26/10 - 3/11.. Week 44

    Abdominal injury. Sad for Rafa but happy for Denis.
  16. Re: BASLE & VIENNA 2019 (ATP500s), 21-27 October, week 43

    Vienna's got all three Canucks so will be watching that and not Basel.
  17. Re: ANTWERP 2019, FINAL. Andy v Stanimal. Sunday 20 October. 3pm UK time

    Incredible! I had to go out when he was a break down in set 2 and when I came back to watch the rest on tennis tv's replay I couldn't believe it when I saw it was 5-4 in the second with a whole chunk...
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    Sticky: Re: Andy and Kim expecting their third child soon

    Blimey! :shocked: They do keep their baby news quiet, don't they? I do recall someone on here wondering if Kim was preggers when she appeared at Queen's in a flouncy blouse.
  19. Re: Beijing QF: Andy v Thiem. Friday not before 7.30 am

    It was still a good match, from both players. Lots of great rallies and shotmaking. I really feel Andy's getting his A game back.
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    Re: Beijing R1: Andy vs Berrettini Tuesday 6 am

    I woke up at 2 a.m. so switched on tennistv on my ipad. Great match!!! Thoroughly entertaining from both men.
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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    Going to see Downton tonight.

    I hate swearing too but I've noticed it's becoming so much more prevalent. For example, last night I watched the new British series Pennyworth - full of f and c...
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    Sticky: Re: WTA - general thread

    I am surprised too but she is 2 years younger than Serena, no? And wouldn't it be funny if she won a GS after having THREE kids. Serena would be soooooo jealous. :lol:
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    Re: US OPEN 2019 - Women

    Good match. Lots of fast paced groundies. You can tell they're all singles players! :lol: Disappointed for Ash and Vika tho'.
  24. Re: US OPEN 26th August - 8th September 2019 - Main thread

    Started out rather routine and pedestrian then Meddy Bear stepped up to the plate big time! I got very nervous for Rafa. So glad he prevailed tho'. But, wow, sooooo close! Great speech from MB too. I...
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    Re: US OPEN 2019 - doubles and mixed doubles

    What a fantastic result! I am on holiday and got in trouble with the hubby for wanting to stay in and watch this but I don't care! So happy for Jamie and Bethanie. Wow they played brilliantly!
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