Sir Andy Murray, OBE. World No 1
Wimbledon Champion 2013 & 2016
Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012
Team GB - Davis Cup Champions 2015
Olympic Gold Medallist 2016
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016


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  1. Sticky: Re: WINSTON-SALEM R1: Andy goes out 6'7(8), 5'7

    Whilst pity Andy could not find a way through certainly looks like he gave a good account of himself and showing his fighting spirit, just did not win so many of the key points. Positives to build...
  2. Re: CINCINNATI doubles - 10th to 17th August 2019 except Andy doubles

    Disappointing and bit of anti-climax in end but up against tough pair ,rain delay maybe did not help when Jamie/Neal had at least some momentum. However Dodig/Polasek were far stronger today and...
  3. Sticky: Re: CINCINNATI doubles QF: Andy/Feli vs Jamie/Neil - not before 9.30 pm

    I was fairly netural on this one, good to see Jamie/Neal with a good run :cheer::cheer: though pity at expense of Andy/Feli-, still seen some good stuff from Andy this week :cheer:, felt Lopez was...
  4. Re: CINCINNATI doubles R2: Andy/Feli vs Harrison/Sock - 11.00 pm approx

    whilst not the best of starts great fightback and gutsy win for Andy/Feli, match up with Jamie/Neal should be interesting! A bit surprised Andy will play no part in the Us Open after all,...
  5. Re: CINCINNATI doubles R1: Andy/Feli vs Rojer/Tecau - Tuesday 5.30 approx

    Andy and Feli certainly turned it around, well done!:cheer::cheer: Roger/Tecau did not have a great breaker but Murray/Lopez were strong in the closing stages.
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    Re: Johanna Konta

    Konta fought back from break down in decider but unfortunately still lost it 7-5, Johanna has previously had some impressive results on hard courts but not got going yet in the US summer swing.
  7. Re: CINCINNATI R1 : Andy vs Gasquet (dammit) - Monday 7.30 pm approx

    Ceetainly an encouraging performance form Andy, flashes of brilliance if not quite the consistency and timing yet and knew Gasquet would make it tough, Richie was stronger in most of the longer...
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    Re: Johanna Konta

    Disappointing but time for Johanna to find form in the hard court season.
  9. Re: Bubble Gap 2019 - Montreal: Deadline Mon 5th Aug 5.00pm UK time

    I'll take 1426, thanks
  10. Re: WASHINGTON 27 July - 4 Aug 2019 - Main thread including Andy doubles

    Was clicking for Kygrios this week as he got the better of Medvedev in the breakers , though did not have the drama of the semi win over Tsitsipas which had pretty much every thing!
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    Re: FTM - Montreal 1st Round DEADLINE: TBC

    Murray/Lopez 4-6,7-6,11-9
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    Re: FTM - Montreal DEADLINE: Mon 7pm

    1. Cabal/Farah
    2. Cabal/Farah v Pavic/Soares
    3. Cabal/Farah v Mahut/Roger-Vasselin; Pavic/Soares v Murray/Lopez
    4. Semi Finalists
  13. Thread: Kyle Edmund

    by JAMES4578

    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Disappointing and thought the Tsonga win would have given Kyle a boost, though opponent had found some inspiration this week. Think there probably are still lingering health issues, tactics not...
  14. Re: WASHINGTON QF: Andy/Jamie v. Klaasen/Venus - Fri not before 10pm

    Gutting, still gave Klassen/Venus a run for their money -pretty tight though so frustrating we could not view!
  15. Re: WASHINGTON R1: Andy/Jamie vs Mahut/Roger-Vasselin - Wed not before 9.30 pm

    Great doubles in really competitive contest, was looking like it may be tough at 2-5 in mtb but great play to completely turn it around. Well done Andy and Jamie! :cheer::cheer: Mahut/Roger Vasselin...
  16. Re: FTM - Washington 1st Round DEADLINE: TBC

    Jamie/Andy 4-6,6-3,10-7
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    Re: FTM - Washington DEADLINE: Mon 11:59pm

    1. Kubot/Melo
    2. Kubot/Melo v Cabal/Farah
    3. Bryans v Cabal/Farah; Murrays v Kubot/Melo
    4. Semi's
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    Re: WIMBLEDON 2019 - DOUBLES and MIXED except Andy

    That is not a good look, though was unaware as I was watching via iplayer on the TV. Anyway Hsieh/strycova have taken it 6-2,6-4. Dabrowski/Xu had chances to break back to 4 all but were...
  19. Re: WIMBLEDON 1-14 July 2019 - Main thread and Andy doubles

    Certainly became amazing contest, in sense pity TB was not a bit closer (think right to have one in final set mind you) and that it ended on mishit! All credit to Djokovic, pity for Fed who was so...
  20. Re: WIMBLEDON 1-14 July 2019 - Main thread and Andy doubles

    Dramatic, Fed missed break points but easily holds for 12 all so a breaker to decide it!
  21. Re: WIMBLEDON 1-14 July 2019 - Main thread and Andy doubles

    Fed looked like he had it but Djokovic find a way to break back , holds to 30 for 9-8 to put the pressure back on.
  22. Re: WIMBLEDON 1-14 July 2019 - Main thread and Andy doubles

    Roger stepping up though given some help, Nole got one break back but we're into a 5th! A bit of drama, Djokovic broke for 4-2 but Fed breaks right back-a bit of tension.
  23. Re: WIMBLEDON 2019 - WOMEN singles and doubles

    Dodig/Chan are now the Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Champions, seems to have been a fairly routine win as they beat /Ostapenko 6-2,6-3. (4 breaks to one). Should you wish you will be able to catch it...
  24. Re: WIMBLEDON 1-14 July 2019 - Main thread and Andy doubles

    Exciting tennis in the 1st, though Federer lost the initiative in tht TB really. Did not expect Djokovic to fall away so much, 3rd should be competitive again though! Djokovic takes 2nd breaker 7-4...
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    Re: FTM - Wimbledon Final DEADLINE: Sun 2pm

    Djokovic 7-6,4-6,6-4,6-3
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