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Thread: The Murray Dictionary

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    The Murray Dictionary

    Murrayitis - Unfortunately, there is no cure for murrayitis and in fact, symptoms of obsessiveness of a certain player are bound to get increasingly worse. Worryingly, murrayitis seems to be catching on, and people are in danger of getting it, especially around the summertime. So watch out!
    Murrayitis can be over using the drop shop even though it can lead to Murraytastic

    Murraytastic - The feeling of joy which occurs after an Andy win- there is no other feeling like it. Can also be used for other occassions of extreme happiness.

    Murradrawls - Those are the withdrawl symptoms that bring on Murryitis when you haven't seen a Murray play tennis for a while or when you cannot get on this site to chat for whatever reason

    Murredgy - That feeling you get when Andy's down bp's in the latter half of the set.

    Murraylation - The feeling you get when he saves them. This feeling is often experienced again when he procedes to break his opponent directly following the wobble.

    Murrayciferous - When you get verbal diarrhoea about Andy and his achievements, shots, results, opponents, family, website, fans, tournaments, potential, sponsors... you get the idea.

    Murroredom - What our family experience when we get Murrayciferous.

    Andymonium - Utter choas and uproar when ever Andy wins a point - espesically at break point down. And total andymonium when he wins the match!

    Andyseptic - what he put on his blister

    Andycipation - waiting for the match to begin

    andyclockwise - still waiting for the match to begin

    andyaircraft - a sweet lob

    andyballistic - a smash

    andyinflamatory - when the umpire calls the ball out

    Murrayonette - puppet version of Andy

    Murraygold - what Andy will win at the Olympics

    Murraynate - what Andy does with his chicken in the kitchen

    Andycap - What Andy gets when playing golf

    Andy-held TV - How to watch Wimbledon on the go.

    Murraytography - the art of taking all those stunning action shots

    Murrayocolate - for chocolate and Murray fans.

    mighty murray white wine - to help some murray fans especially andys_ipod calm their nerves during the nailbiting matches

    Murrayitius - Where Andy & Kim dream of escaping to on Holiday
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
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    Re: The Murray Dictionary

    Murraylicious - Another way to describe a perfect ace served up by Andy

    Murray Christmas - Much better than a merry christmas. It is one full of murray happiness and one where Murray himself has wished you a murray christmas

    Murraycoaster - Come along on the murraycoaster. Open to all murray fans at every murray match. Warning-can be very bumby and can end in despair. Perfect example-Murray vs Nadal. But we all know you'll be raring to have another go on the murraycoaster regardless.

    Murrayoke - Andys fav public house passtime!

    Murray-go-round - That enjoyable fairground ride, which can be used to describe the stressful, up and down, occasionally nauseous ride that Andy often makes us endure in many of his matches

    Murrayawsome - The great feeling andy murray fans get when their hero wins!

    murrayisms - That exciting/nauseus feeling you get during the low and high times of a match

    MurrayMount - a grassy incline behind a large screen in SW19

    Murraymint - andys career earnings

    Murraymania - state of extreme excitement over teenage tennis star

    Murraymaniac - individual member of andy murray fan club (or forum!). So special it is even a username taken up by some users!

    Andi-cap - what the world no 13 needs on a bad hair day

    Andi - dote - Kim!!!

    Andi - moni - mum - judy in a bad mood

    INAMURRAY - Got to hurry and get to the court to see Andy play!

    Andymoany - When Andy gets in a bad mood when he gets a bad call or a bad shot

    Bootylicious and Bootyful - A great match or point by the Jamie-Booty pair?

    Booray - The doubles partnership between Booty (Eric) and Jamie (chicken wings)

    Murrayology - the study of everything 'Murray'. Rankings, draws, statistics, etc

    MurrayMan - Man of steel, Determination, Skill, Flair, X-Ray Vision..........

    Andyman - Can he fix it, probably not!

    andyclimax - the feeling u get when andy is serving for match then serves a double

    murmuray - the continuous sound of the word common

    Murrnificent - exhibition play from Murray which you just can not teach
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
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    Re: The Murray Dictionary

    Murraculous - Andy Murray making a phenomenal recovery comeback in a match!

    Murrgician - when Andy makes a genius shot!

    Andymosity - this is when Andy can not conceal his hostility to an umpire for making a bad decision e.g. an overrule

    Andydextrous - where Andy is able to use his left hand and right hand in tennis

    MURRAYINAHURRY - Andy trying to rush through thousands of fans that are waiting to greet him at Wimbledon

    murraydoubters - forum members who predict andy to lose in the prediction competition and those people who used to doubt or still doubt that Andy will win big titles.

    kitkat - Get a kitkat Murray! Begging for a break of service from murray

    kitkat chunky - Begging for double break from Andy!

    Murray Double Day (pron: Mur-ree dubel-day) - Also known as Murray D-Day, a term used to describe any day on which both Andy and Jamie win ATP titles. First seen at the SAP Open 2007.

    Murray Day - 18th February! The day the Murray Brothers ruled over San Jose! Also, when Andy and Jamie reigned over Marseille and Delray simultaneously!

    Andywrinkle cream - Needed after thoses stressful late night livescore sessions

    Massion (or Murray Passion) noun - the raw passion that is unique to the murray clan and consistently helps andy win close matches. also could be an adjective, i.e. "massionate". Thanks to his Massion, andy is arguably the most passionate player on the tour.

    Murrayvision - for watching murray matches on tv

    Murray Field - formerly Henman Hill, a large grass hill in the grounds of SW19 where Murray fans gather to watch the game on the big screen. Not to be mistaken for the home of Scottish rugby!

    Murray Mop - andy's hair before he got it cut late last year!!

    Murrymur - when andy murmurs something cheeky under his breath when he is frustrated by a bad line call

    Murray Guns - andy's toned biceps come us open '07 when he will be "bustin' a sleeveless", according to brad!

    Murray Monday - day of anticipation before a tuesday when murray will play his 1st round match

    andydepressant - medicinal relief for players on the receiving end of a Murray thrashing

    Murrayment - merryment wish a splash of murrayitis

    Murrayaholic - Addictive to watch murrays matches in the middle of the night!

    Murraycake day - pancake day for all on (a day late lol) You have to have haggis & murray mints on your pancake with a side order of chicken wings

    murrayfantasia - where all the crazy people go when watching Andy play!!
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
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    Re: The Murray Dictionary

    Murr-der - describing Andy's usually abysmal first serve percentages! (Hopefully soon to improve)

    Murbles - What Andy loses from time to time when the concentration goes and temper takes over

    Arghhhndy - That is when Andy loses his temper and shout out

    Murrayversity - where you study murrayology!!

    C-andy - (isnt he sweet)

    Murvalous - when Andy played outstanding

    Boorayzy - as in...'your Boorazy for staying up so late'!

    Murraymagnet - When you say you going off but you stay on for another 15 minutes and chat

    MurMur - Nickname for Andy and Jamie as a doubles team

    Murman - Nickname for Andy and Tim as a doubles team!

    MURRANATOR - Andy destroying all opponents who lie in his path on the way to glory!

    Murlow - The way Andy or Jamie feel when they lose...

    murrnings - our crazy early mornings watching andy or jamie play!

    Murraybullet! - A hot shot fired by Andy

    Muzz-cat - A nickname for our andy!

    Murronic - Andy's personal opinion about the linesman who makes a wrong call on his shot during an important point

    Andy Murray-style - originially brought to you by Cliff Drysdale; refers to someone who doesn't hit with an obsessive amount of power, but places shots in an unbelievable manner. Also refers to his sluggish appearance when first on court and/or in between points, which he then proves to be false by reacting quickly and reaching almost every ball.

    Fanmurraycrazies! - The crazy murray fans!

    MURRAYSTUNNEDITIS - stunned by what happenned in andy's match

    Unandy - When Andy is not in 100% form, like when he is ill, injuried, etc.

    InjuryMurray - When Andy or Jamie is Injured

    DavisCupitis - That is when a person talks about Davis Cup all the time and post about it everyone, hardly ever talk about anything else.

    DCure - cure for DavisCupitis

    DC Choir -'s singing group

    Murraymeeting - when fans meet for the first time

    Murrayballet - because Andy is awesome at making those huge stretches and difficult moves to make the shot!
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
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    Re: The Murray Dictionary

    MeetingMURRAY - When you meet Andy or Jamie

    murraymegalotastic - the awesome feeling of andy reaching top 10

    Murday The 13th - the day that andy reached the top 10

    Mur-Rival - any rival of andy's

    MurrayWorry - Feelings which occur in members when they are waiting to find out if Andy will play due to injury, & how bad said injury is

    Serbish - honourary title bestowed on players from Serbia (i.e. Jelena!)who assist the Murray boys in pursuit of Tennis Glory

    Murraffros - The new Murray hairstyle

    unmurray day - The dreadful day where all merriment is lost in light of the murray brothers losing in the same day

    TikTak - A break of serve against our boys then, ie a reverse-KitKat

    murraculous - A Murray miraculous day or miraculous win! Take for example, Andy's amazing win of his 1st Masters title at Cincy on 3/8/08

    Handy Andy - Andy has had a wonderful Service Game, Plenty of aces...

    murrayholics - addicted to the Murrays.
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
    *** Winner of FTM 2007 ***

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