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Thread: Kyle Edmund

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Disappointing and thought the Tsonga win would have given Kyle a boost, though opponent had found some inspiration this week. Think there probably are still lingering health issues, tactics not always the best though.
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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Quote Originally Posted by Teresa View Post
    Sad, but not really surprising. Kyle has form for bottling it. I am starting to think he is happy, just turning up and winning a few rounds, then taking the money and heading home.

    He never really seems to fight for it?
    Quote Originally Posted by Sallydaisy View Post
    Personally I think there are still viral/health issues relating to last year. He's not my favourite to watch BUT I don't honestly think he's a 'bottler', he works SO hard off-court. Maybe he needs more help to vary his game to win those vital missing points and/or ensure any lingering viral stuff is properly dealt with?
    I have to agree with Sally here. Not my favourite to watch either but he does work incredibly hard and I think he maybe wants it too much rather than not enough, ?training too hard at times. A bit like Andy has admitted he did early in his career.
    Kyle does lose matches we would expect him to win I agree but maybe he is just trying too hard at times on and off the court.

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Don't agree that Kyle's a bottler - he made a slam semi at the start of last year following a very impressive run in Brisbane and Melbourne, full of composed performances. It's just a shame he then became very unlucky with health issues than made him lose momentum and confidence. I'm hopeful that in time he can regain both, especially as he seems to have found a great regime at Leyton Hewitt's academy. I wish him well.

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    So Kyle beats Nick in Montreal.

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Kyle and Medvedev warming up. Hope I can stay awake for this, but if not, maybe I'll waken up to see Andy.

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Andy Murray - more exciting than a carnival weekend in Rio

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    He is still in the doubles!

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Quote Originally Posted by exislander View Post
    He is still in the doubles!
    With these losses, it does mean I have loads more time for household chores, sunbathing, watching other players to get my Prime value for money. The world's my oyster! It's rush rush rush when they are still in at the end of tournaments!!!
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    Andy Murray - more exciting than a carnival weekend in Rio

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    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Kyle lost in straight sets to the much higher ranked Mendelev. The only Brits left in are called Murray (plus Salisbury).

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    In sadness that I might never see Andy play again

    Re: Kyle Edmund

    Kyle is on the Entry list for the ATP 500 in Beijing.
    The off-topic queen strikes again ...................

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