Sir Andy Murray, OBE. World No 1
Wimbledon Champion 2013 & 2016
Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012
Team GB - Davis Cup Champions 2015
Olympic Gold Medallist 2016
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016
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Thread: The Andy Murray Fan Forum

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    In sadness that I might never see Andy play again

    The Andy Murray Fan Forum

    Welcome one and all to this forum for Andy Murray, and his brother Jamie, which we hope will offer their fans a great place to get together and cheer on the boys as they head to the top of the tennis world.

    After the sudden closure of the official forum we set out to build an alternative that would take us forward for many years to come and definitely for as long as Andy and Jamie play professional tennis.

    We hope you enjoy finding your way around the "Murray Mansion" - many of you might find it all looks eerily familiar. If you are new to us just ask and we'll guide you through what the forum offers.

    Please introduce yourselves even if you knew forum members before; let's be re-acquainted.

    We wanted to bring some fun back to the forum so you'll find the Arcade to play in and lots of our regular Games threads already set up. FTM has continued to operate, no matter where you were temporarily, and the Competitions will be up and running very soon.

    That doesn't preclude having serious discussions on here too - especially amongst those who've followed the tennis world for a long time and delight in debating the pros and cons of Andy's game. We have active threads for other tennis players and for tournaments where Andy doesn't play, News items, background information, links to related websites and just about any other interest or activity you can think of.

    Thanks for your patience whilst we created it - we're glad to have you aboard the Murraycoaster!!!

    Cazza, Dave, Fiona, Jane, Ronnie, Pat, Sally and Zainab
    The off-topic queen strikes again ...................

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