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Thread: Dan Evans

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    Near Cardiff

    Re: Dan Evans

    And allez, Dan
    Pat xx

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    Re: Dan Evans

    Dan lost the first, erm 0-6 .
    Went to 2-0 in the second, now 2-1 still with a break.
    Wins second set 6-1 with three breaks!!!
    Some very tight games in the third. Dan has just broken to go 3-1 and is now serving to consolidate. Holds 4-1
    Had a point to go 5-1 but now BP against to go to 4-3. Now deuce again. A couple more deuces. Is broken to be 4-3.
    And Pospisil makes it 4-4.
    Dan manages to hold. 5-4
    He gets an AD championship point. Good first serve so back to deuce.
    Dan gets another MP - he has that Andy shot where the ball goes over the net and then stays really low.
    133 mph ace in the corner! Deuce. Pospisil has AD and shanks it out of court.
    Great hard return from Dan. Champ. Point No. 3. Another ace! Sold volley. AD Pospisil. he holds.

    Unfortunately Dan then got broken and lost 5-7 in the third. So close.
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    Re: Dan Evans

    managed to stream this , and was so impressed with Evans , he is lightning fast out there !!!!

    Guess I was prob the only one from the forum ( other than Fiona ) cheering for Vasek

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    Re: Dan Evans

    I watched it too from the second set on. Thought Dan played a blinder of a second set and the third set was closely contested. But I am happy for Vashy - hometown boy and all that.
    Andy. Rafa. Milos. What's not to like?

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    In sadness that I might never see Andy play again

    Re: Dan Evans

    Awww, Dan. That was very close indeed but well played Vasek who came through with the win.
    I really hope Dan pushes on from here; a rise in the rankings will make it so much easier to get into higher level Challengers with more points on offer. Now he has to regroup and zip down to Aptos in California for another one.

    Good to see Andy joined the 'streamers' .....

    Daniel Vallverdu ‏@danielvallverdu
    4h Watching @Evo151216 battle against pospisil in vancouvers final @andy_murray
    Andy Murray ‏@andy_murray 4h Gutted for evo nearly got it, had his chances but great week onwards and upwards...
    The off-topic queen strikes again ...................

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    Re: Dan Evans

    Such a shame Dan couldn't quite close it out but so tight but obviously still a good week for Dan and positives to take.

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    Futures Flyer

    Re: Dan Evans

    Great week for Dan, possibly having to play both is QF and SF on the same day took a bit out of him? Really positive week though, a good leap up the rankings and really hope he can keep this going. So cute to see Andy and co watching the live stream

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    Re: Dan Evans

    I am such a big fan of Evo - love the way he plays and his fighting spirit. And he's a midlander too He has been the hero in DC a few times and relishes the big occasion. I really hope he gets picked in September because he deserves it big time. I was sooo cross when he didn't get a wimby wild card after his performance at Queens. He always said he didn't like travelling but seems to have knuckled down now and this was a great week for him.

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    Re: Dan Evans

    Really hope this gives Dan a boost and encourages him to keep working hard and travelling.
    Pat xx

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    Re: Dan Evans

    thanks David1610 for the match report, couldn't quite do an 'Andy' and close out that game where he had a match point, but lost to a home town/country player ranked much higher than him. evo likes a fight!

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