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Thread: Andy's back problem - minor surgery next Monday. He'll be back. Paris/WTF ??? Deffo by Jan '14.

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    Re: Newspaper and internet reports

    Tweet from journalist Simon Cambers

    Simon Cambers ‏@scambers73 4m
    Seeing as the embargo's been broken on Andy Murray's back surgery, worth saying that he hopes to have full winter training block, fit for Oz
    Sounds like it's been planned for some time.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by patmoren View Post
    Oh dear, thought all three matches was a step to far in Croatia. There is nothing on Andy's web site yet but Neil Harman is usually in the know.
    I doubt that Croatia was a major factor, this has probably been brewing for a while. I only hope that the surgery gets him fixed up properly as he's been having back problems for a while now.
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    Re: Newspaper and internet reports

    Good luck Andy!

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    Also on the BBC website. Do hope the surgery works for him. Really disappointed about not seeing him at the World Tour Finals.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    It's now all over twitter that Andy is out of the Asian tournaments and doubtful for the O2 in November. I'm sure he wouldn't be taking this step unless they were sure it would improve the situation. I'm sure he'll come back stronger in 2014.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    I think Andy was determined to play Croatia knowing full well that he was probably going to be out for the rest of the season. Well done Andy and good luck!

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    What a shame not sure I will bother spending money I dont have on wtf tickets now. I wish him well.

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    Re: Newspaper and internet reports

    Daily Mail article on the surgery. There's a quote that Andy's absence is a silver lining for the WTF organisers as it means almost certainly Federer will qualify.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    I'm sure he's been thinking about it for a while, doubt Croatia had anything to do with it. Good time to do it IMO.
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    Re: Andy's schedule 2013

    Yes good timing I agree hope he will be up and ok for Ross Hutchins wedding in November.

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