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BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016
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Thread: Andy's schedule 2019

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    I remember when I was a child, and when Wimbledon was on, I always watched it at my grandparents (my mum's parents) house as my parents had to work all day. I still have vague memories of Boris Becker winning it.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Unfortunately I never knew this til after she died, but apparently my Granny was a huge tennis fan (she also played - we’ve got a faded photo of her in 30s style tennis gear!) and she watched Wimbledon avidly once they had a TV. My unmarried uncle still lived with her, and she did everything for him - but he had to make his own tea during Wimbledon fortnight

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by supergran View Post
    Reading the posts about Wimbledon would like to say that for me Wimbledon has always been a special fortnight. I remember listening to coverage on the radio as a young girl because we didn't have television. Watching at a friend's house after school when her parents got a TV when we were about 14. Then watching at home from my late teens. I was totally obsessed. Married and with little ones I deprived them of Children's TV telling them their programmes weren't on during Wimbledon as I sneakily switched over to BBC2. We were able to watch during our free periods in the school staff room and for Virginia Wade's final win Alan brought in a portable tv and that Friday afternoon pupils got to watch tennis instead of being taught English. My first visits in the 80s with my son were amazing. Andy's appearance was just magical and was always totally absorbed in his matches. But Wimbledon is not just about one player and there have been many thrillers in his absence. My love for Wimbledon will never lessen. They are The Championships.
    Very much how I feel about it. Can't remember it not being a huge part of my life, even as a child in the 70s we would watch it then run out to the street with a sponge bat and ball to emulate the stars on tv- fighting over who would be McEnroe and who would be Connors. My first trip to Wimbledon was in 1996 and I will never forget how I felt the first time the grounds came into sight. My friends know better now than to look fir holidays that clash with any part of the Fortnight- had a couple of years where I missed the final weekend- it was like reading a book and someone tore out the last chapter. I then put my foot down. The Andy tears have been magical ( the henman era was fun too) but the event is even bigger and will always be a hugely anticipated Fortnight.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    I have been in love with tennis since 1953; I remember my first tennis racket, a second-hand big, heavy wooden one I could hardly lift, and my joy a few years later when I was given a new Slazenger with press (joint Christmas and birthday present that year). For many years I enjoyed playing as well as watching.Once I started work, I always took the 2nd week as holidays to watch Wimbledon, much to the amazement of my work colleagues, and made my one and only trip there in 1995 on a ground ticket costing £8. Over the years, friends and family knew not to visit or phone during those two weeks! Of course when Andy came on the scene, my enjoyment went up to much greater levels; I am eternally grateful to him for the pleasure his well deserved success has given me. I have to say this year for the very first time I watched very little; just watched highlights or picked up results at the end of the day. My two dogs were pleased as walks were maintained!

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    I see Andy playing Brisbane before the Australian . Read it earlier today, but can’t find the link now

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Tennis World ....Andy Murray set to play Marseille in February 2019 ......
    "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently"

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    So he is also going to play in some of the smaller tournaments, that's good in his comeback

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Also posted on Andy's FB Thread....

    Lots of great memories playing indoors in France, looking forward to playing Open Sud de France in Montpellier for the first time next year. For more information follow the link below.
    "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently"

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Now that would have been a meet-up and a half...
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