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Thread: Andy's schedule 2018

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    Re: Andy's Schedule 2012 (and results table 2008-2012)

    Really? That's a blow if true.

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    Re: Andy's Schedule 2012 (and results table 2008-2012)

    There is no mention of this anywhere on the internet. There surely would be if there was any truth to it. Andy withdrawing from Wimbledon would be a very big deal so please only post if/when you have a link to information - rumours just upset people unneccesarily.

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    Re: Andy's Schedule 2012 (and results table 2008-2012)

    Agreed RB, however, I have also seen posted Jamie Delgado is helping the ATP at present, Andy has been seen at a Garden Centre and at a playground sitting on a chair rather than kneeling or playing. Like you I cannot find any mention of it on the internet but the total lack of news is very strange.

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    Re: Andy's Schedule 2012 (and results table 2008-2012)

    I have just downloaded the programme. The segment was on his artistic efforts. I think she was just waffling.

    ďThereís some modern art there. Can you guess the celebrity painter? Well this kind of little blobby thing in the centre that looks a little bit like a tennis ball, is Andy Murray. Poor wee Andy has taken up painting while he recovers from his injury. He posted that on his social media. Good on him because he must be grrrr, you know annoyed that he canít go and play tennis, and wonít be at Wimbledon
    , but heíll be backĒ.

    The segment was about 25 seconds. Itís on ITV Catch Up if you want it, at about 15 minutes). I donít think itís anything to panic about.

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    It was being discussed elsewhere ... all scaremongering! Totally agree RB, if there was any truth there would be a proper announcement or at least tennis journalist mumblings ... I do wish people would stop it!

    Andy's been seen sitting on a chair instead of kneeling ... purrrlease!

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    I was watching Lorraine and she was basically just waffling nonsense about stuff she doesn't really know much about but I just knew the minute she said it that it would start rumblings from certain quarters

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    Re: Andy's schedule 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Caro View Post

    Andy's been seen sitting on a chair instead of kneeling ... purrrlease!
    I saw that photo too - he was obviously sat down so he was at a good height for a photo with a young boy, but saw one website where people were almost at the point of suggesting he's paralysed. Some people just can't help themselves

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