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Thread: Spread the word!

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    Re: Spread the word!

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    Jaydu is here as -J-

    Well done, I did the same when we lost the old forum and started the temp forum. Found lots of members on MW & Twitter. But there are others that don't appear to be anywhere else, so I don't know how to find them.
    If J is back its about time he updated the champion of champions.

    I haven't seen Rondun around and hope he'll be back in time for a bubble gap

    Has ASE left us? he certainly went very quiet on the temp forum

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    Re: Spread the word!

    Some people are on

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    In sadness that I might never see Andy play again

    Re: Spread the word!

    There are people dotted about all over on various boards, facebook, twitter ..... hopefully they'll see any messages and make their way back to us.
    The off-topic queen strikes again ...................

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    Re: Spread the word!

    YAYYYYY our very own forum back that no one can shut down!!! yayyyyyyy :D

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    Re: Spread the word!

    ^Pleased to have you back.

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    Re: Spread the word!

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    Raven is on Twitter (as Isis1212 or something like that) so I'm sure she knows we are here.

    I haven't seen Diamond Gal & Diamond Guy anywhere since the old forum closed.
    Yes the new forum been mentioned several times in Twitter, so you'd think folk who use it regularly would know about it and I have mentioned it to a few folk. I know for instance that Lankster2003 will be joining, but he doesn't have internet acccess at the moment.
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    Re: Spread the word!

    I belong to another site as well but do recognise some of the names on this forum. Will be nice to make some more friends who are interested in following Andy and Jamie

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    Re: Spread the word!

    I remember you from the old forum, littlebuddha!

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