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Thread: JerryD's extra day at Wimbers mini-blog.

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    JerryD's extra day at Wimbers mini-blog.

    We treated ourselves to an Indian from a great take out near Southfields called K2 (they offer a hefty discount to people going to wimbie as long as you share the word). The portions were huge and we shared with our queue neighbour's but also went to find a guy we were with on the first day who stayed queuing Monday to be first in line for Roger. He might had an odd choice of favourite but he was very nice and had travelled for near Vancouver for the tournie. It was his first time. We thought it was going to be our last night. It wasn't. we had picked 2 for Tuesday. The delpo match was really good and competence, there was a great atmosphere. It was very hot but the players weren't bothered. Delpo won which was fantastic and we went to watch Simon for a bit on 17 as we couldn't get near James. Returned for the Berdy match which was also fantastic. We were joined by Charlie62. The match was really competitive and the atmosphere was great. The guys in front of us were cheering chardy so there was a good natured shout off. Happily Berdy got the win and just in time for when we had planned to leave. They guys in font shook our hands and congratulated us on the win, we said our goodbyes to Charlie, found the loo and ran to left luggage. The queue there was insane. After a while of waiting we realised it was going to be difficult to et the train. So Kev went to the front and begged. We haven't seen the left luggage queue that long before. We legged it to the tube. No feeling confident. After a few times of waiting at signaled and changing lines we got off and legged it to Euston only to arrive 10 minutes after our train, the last train, left. We had all our camping gear and were shattered and sweaty from the running and the days of no showers and missed out anyway. Decided to train it to Manchester and the. Arrange a lift home at 2am. But fares to Manchester had shot up to over 100 each. So at around 11 having looked into buses/ trains/ coaches we gave up and returned to the queue. Sweaty gross and exhausted. Got to the queue at around 12.30am and pitched up the tents in the dark...

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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    Luckily as plan a before auntie duties interfered was to come home on the last train Wednesday, Liv and I already had tickets for Wednesday on the last train. So only Kev had to buy a new one. Last minute it was more than ours but no too bad, under 50. We decided to go for grounds as we liked Tsonga but weren't excited on the other matches on 2 and we were 1373, 1374 and 1375 in the Q. As it turned out so many were wait for fed that court 1 & 2 were being offered into the 2000s lots went for ground passes too. We decided on realise for another chance to see Murray as Monday was so good. We caught up with Gill and caro, who were nice enough to share suncream as i had ran ou tontueaday evening and left buying more as I was going home. We got to the grounds at 9.40. And then to resales when the ground opened. Got to the Q just after 10.30 and were 10, 11 and 12.

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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    Wow a bit of an adventure at the end then!

    When I was in the resale queue it was really casual, were you given numbers? We weren't. It was kind of a 'trust people aren't gonna push in with their friends' kinda thing.

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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    The 3 of you had three great days Jerry, hope you got your good night's sleep after getting home late

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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    Yeah numbers were given to everyone. Just told to you, not written on a card or anything. Then every so often a guy would come and do a sort of register to make sure every number was still there and if they had gone to the loonor something check with those around where they were. Then come back a bit later to make sure they were back.

    It was absolutely boiling and there wasn't any shade. We were there from just after 10.30. We saw Gill, caro, Aimee and Sarah (with her mum) I felt the queue. I ducked out for a food run to keep for lunch. And later on I ducked out again for an umbrella. I couldn't take the heat and lack of shade anymore. But I was so afraid of losing my place I was quick about it. The umbrella shop was by an ice cream stand so managed to cool down and stay out of the sun. KevD slept under a bench for some of it for shelter. There was a guy trying to move his friend into the queue, and his friend also offered to buy drinks for those around. I'm guessing because he thought it might help his case. The reality is it's not fair to anyone behind you and so no one went for it. The steward was on to it pretty quick too.

    We packed up our stuff just before 3 and stood in the line. A guy came down aboyt 3.10 and was offering 120 for people's place in the queue. I don't know if they girls went along becaus ethougg they said no at first then one said he could have offered more and another said rather than swapping in the queue which the stewards would get on to it would make more sense to just meet him somewhere and give him the tickets then. I hope this was just in jest though. I imagine it was as they were huge Raffa fans. I don't know how far down he went asking either.

    Anyway we were told we wouldn't get 3 together so we got a pair at 3.30 and so saw the end of the jo match. Kev got a single which was closer to the front at just after 4. And saw all of Murray. Sadly we couldn't watch all of Raffa as we had to leave for the last train early in his match. Making sure to leave plenty of time to avoid another missed train. We were hoping to pass our tickets on again but as they have no barcode it's not possible. Told the girls dat near to us that if they had friends sat elsewhere our seats were staying empty if they wanted to sit together. It was a good match and nice to see jo and nadal also great to get into the shade and relatively cool. Typically there was no queue at all at lost luggage, no waits do any tubes and no stops at signals. So we got to Euston an hour before the train. Gave us time for a coffee and a rest after lugging so much stuff though. Got the last train home and arrived around 11.30 to start the queue for shower
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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    Quote Originally Posted by roytennisfan View Post
    The 3 of you had three great days Jerry, hope you got your good night's sleep after getting home late
    Yeah got to bed around 1. Yellowlivi and I good some good sleep but Kev was up just before 6 for his drive to gaydon for work. Still shattered though. Can barely focus on th match. So tempted to go back on Saturday and queue for Monday though. Trains aren't on sale and everything plus I'm clean now so feel better and I have more suncream and aftersun

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    Re: Wimbledon 2017 who is going or thinking of going?

    I may well transfer all of this to a blogette of its own.

    edit... In fact I have!
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    Re: JerryD's extra day at Wimbers mini-blog.

    Lol we did have 3 great days of tennis but the Sunday in the queue was great too. It's a nice experience, with other tennis fans, there a nice feel to it. There was more security this year. We were gla dof it of course, but it does show you the changing world. We camped behind concrete blocks on the first day. A Barrier that wasn't there last year. We saw Murray on centre, Bedene and Karen on Monday. As well as few other pop bys. Left to rejoin to get court 1 for Tuesday. But in the end we picked two for delpo. Saw delpo, Simon and Berdy that day.

    Side note - left luggage can be a bit rough with your stuff. Tuesday thing tied to my bag fell off and had to be searched out. As one was my wash bag I went and asked about it: it wasn't anywhere so I went to Sainsbury's for more wash stuff. Came back and there were different people on so asked them. They let me in to look for it and I found it along with kev's bag. Also thhey had come off because the bag was ripped. Wednesday my picnic blanket went in and didn't come out. I was a bit gutted about my backpack as it was the one from the inca trail. Though the blanket was only 4. So take stuff you're not bothered about and if it dioesnt come out ask to go in and look for it

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    Re: JerryD's extra day at Wimbers mini-blog.

    It was too tempting so we came along we got up at 4.30 and left at after 5. A bunch of roads around the m56 were closed for works on the new bridge so it was diversion after diversion. Then lane closures and congestion. Got to Wimbledon for 10.45. We were advised to get here for noon but I left time to be sure. It was a good job as about halfway through the journey the advice for CC turned to by 11. We got to the queue for 10.45.

    We haven't had a card yet but the clicker woman had us at 486 on, when I was chuffed she said it wasn't that accurate but I'm crossing my fingers. Checked on the queue on twitter later and they said given we are in K2 line 1 we should be fine. Hopefully they are right. Glad we didn't wait til midday though or we would have definitely missed centre and then that's where Murray would end up if we had 1. I guess we just wait and see. Boiling here again so I'll hide in the tent for shade

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