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Thread: Wimbledon 2018- who is planning on going/tickets?

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    Re: Wimbledon 2018- who is planning on going/tickets?

    You’re welcome. I had court 1 tickets for today but my friend decided to stand me up because he wanted to see the football. I was a bit worried about him losing money so I tried to find another guest but had no takers. I tried to return his ticket but found you could only return pairs.

    My plans was to leave my house at 7.30 to get to the train. As the latest train back to Liverpool at 9 often means you miss some of the Tennis allowing for the hour to pick up luggage, get to Southfields, and eventually to Euston. So I thought I’d train it to Manchester. But then I no longer had a lift from Manchester to Liverpool so it would be waiting 2 hours in Manchester in the very early hours. So in the end decided on a megabus home Victoria to Liverpool. 11pm - 5am as there was nothing at 10 like I wanted. Then a bus from the city home and I’d get in at 6am on Thursday.

    I hadn’t booked my crazy return when the order of play came out. Glad I hadn’t. Because the thought of travelling from 7.30am til midday and then 11pm til 6am to see 2 matches that would most likely be a bit dull and only 1 player I actually like. Seemed a bit much. I was so hoping either djoko/kei or nadal/Delpo would be on 1. I had reason to hope as tiger has played centre for the last 27 consecutive times. So I decided it wasn’t to be. And returned the pair of tickets with 20 minutes to go. Row F too :( all went against me with England winning. Then the oop. More tickets were released for centre but I still had the problem of no guest and the resales don’t allow you to buy singles which is just wrong. The option seems to be there but only seems to work if you select 2. Select 2 and there are tickets. Select 1 and there’s no tickets!

    So I will have to make myself happy with TV. we had so many great days at wimbie this year. Got the tickets we wanted mind/tie/wed in the queue. Then had ballot tickets for Thursday for centre so more great matches. Then on Monday I had resales for court 1. We also saw a lot of Tennis on the outside courts. We had lunch on the courts everyday so only really left them to refill water, go to the loo and change courts. It was a lot of tennis. Though it did mean most of the seeing of others was waving across a court or a quick hello on the way to the loo lol. So my Wimbledon is over earlier than expected. Unless I get lucky with Ticketmaster lol. Unlikely. Next live tennis is USO, last live Tennis was queens. So I can’t complain.

    Have a great time to everyone with days to come.

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