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Thread: Andy Murray Live - Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 - event thread

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    Re: Andy Murray Live - Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 - event thread

    I sat in the 'lap of the gods'. I'd never been there before and found the staff to be extremely helpful as to where my seat was, as usually I get "it's up there somewhere" or "it's down there somewhere". Even after the match had started, people were still coming in and finding their seats which meant my view kept being blocked from watching it. I was one of the last to leave and the staff didn't seem to mind. I had a great time and would consider going again, if they do it next year.

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    Re: Andy Murray Live - Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 - event thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Rosalind View Post
    I've just watched the Eurosport version back. You can hear the Murraynators and their songs and in my section they got everyone else involved in the clapping etc to swell the noise. Their plan was to all wear bright pink and sing from around the stadium as they weren't all going to be sitting together. Supergran is right - they filled the Indian top floor (almost) and were giving out song sheets to any one else so they did well.

    Andy didn't appear to be hobbling as much on the tv as I thought he was in the arena. Fingers crossed all sorted for the new year. I had a great time - very enjoyable and lovely to meet Supergran and Passionanda and Mr Passionanda - I hope he enjoyed it as much as us btw - saw you both on Eurosport several times.

    ps - I'm going to admit it... I did care a bit about the score
    Lovely to meet you too Rosalind. I did enjoy the whole day thanks to my lovely forum friends. Seeing Andy and Jamie was wonderful and loved the humour and fun especially in the doubles. I too did care about the score. It was Andy's event and even though he wasn't quite up to par Fed could have eased off . Show off. I was also disappointed that so many left after the singles, bit of an insult I thought. A fantastic night.

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    Re: Andy Murray Live - Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 - event thread

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    Re: Andy Murray Live - Tuesday Nov 7th 2017 - event thread

    SEE Hydro have a vote for best show of 2017. Andy is currently in the lead. I saw it on Twitter ironically in a tweet from a wrestling fan moaning about Andy. I will try to link in here later but currently can't. In the meantime searching for SSE should locate it.
    Andy Murray - more exciting than a carnival weekend in Rio

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