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Thread: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

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    Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    After watching sascha In person for the first time on Sunday, he is even better than he seems on the tv when playing his best. At a career high of 3, first time at the O2 and only 20, as much as I wanted him to do well and knew he was capable I didn't want to expect it. Many players I like jo willie being one, struggle to find their best in the wtf.

    I really enjoyed the match against cilic, sascha was a deserving winner. He is even better today. Though due to a techinal malfunction I missed everything form 3-0 in the breaker to 5-5 in the second set. Go sascha.

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    Poor sascha - that last set was so bad. It was hard to watch. A mix of low belief, snatching at things and running out of steam. It was so sad. I really feel for him as he will kick himself for losing that first set. I hope that beats sock and qualifies for the semis

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    Me too! If after the 2nd set. Couldn't believe Sascha lost it so easily

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    Sascha admits he lost concentration during the match but takes positives from it and says he still have a chance to qualify. I'm glad this match didn't defeat that hope in him.

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    All this talk about Sascha not getting past the 4th round at a major - quick look at his potential 4th round opponent this time - Djokovic. Now yes he is a former champion but he isn't 100% plus he is trying out a new serve sasch has to like his chances. The potential third round against his brother may be more difficult. Mischa is a great player but also it must be tough facing your brother. Serena's method when facing Venus is not to look at her. He could try that. All that said, even if he doesn't get past the fourth round here and don't think it's a bad omen for his future. He's a young guy, with growing to do (tennis-wise) and needs to add to his mental strength. There will be more wins and I'm sure majors, in his future.

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    Sascha says that if he does face mischa it will be a happy moment for the family

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    Re: Alexander (sascha) Zverev

    Tennis World ... Alexander Zverev " I have the best coach. I may work with Lendl in the future ....
    "Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently"

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