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Thread: FTM Teams Standing 2018

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    Option 1 for me too.

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    So far option 1 seem most likely.

    For Aussie Open do we follow Rafa only or also follow 2nd player same time too? Then who?

    Big Al: That be bit too difficult pick any random matches on each day cos won’t be enough time OOP released and put up FTM thread and time people notice and predict. That why need pick someone follow and put FTM thread up as soon they win or lose way before OOP release and change deadline after OOP release.
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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Al View Post
    When I was on CC we used to do predictions for up to a dozen matches everyday , men and women. It was too time consuming , really.
    But, if we're going for option 1 , why not do two or three matches a day during Slams instead of just concentrating on one player?
    Would spice things up a bit.
    Yes, I remember doing that and it was great fun!

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    If Speedy is happy still to run it, I'd go for option 2 - let people take part if they want, but without the pressure of having to remember for their team.

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    Think my preference is option 2,those who really want to play FTM can do so when Andy absent and others not so interested know it won't affect team. Personally quite like Big Al's idea but doesn't seem to be a runner here.

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    I would like to carry on with FTM but it's difficult to know what player to follow with so many injured and doubtful for AO. I don't think we'll be able to pick a player and stick with him until Andy's back - we might have to pick a different player for each tournament (though of course it has to be a player who could win the tournament).

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    I'm with Option 1. Heart's not in it if Andy's not in it either.

    Maybe we could do what Big Al is suggesting for the Grand Slams?
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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    I'm for option 1 as well.
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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    If Option 1 is taken up then I suggest we add the ATP world finals as well as the grand slams.

    Happy to do more matches at grand slams, maybe at least all matches from quarter finals upwards like we do for Wimbledon.

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    Re: FTM Teams Standing 2018

    Quote Originally Posted by fah51 View Post
    Yes, I remember doing that and it was great fun!
    It was, especially for the Slams , we even did the juniors and Legends Doubles ! Really made me take an interest in matches I never followed before.
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