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Thread: Forecast the Match Rules and Leaderboard 2018

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    Forecast the Match Rules and Leaderboard 2018

    Hi everyone. It’s almost time for the eagerly anticipated predictions contest - Forecast the match! This contest will take place for all Grand Slam matches and Master Series matches. There may also be some Forecast the Match contests for some of Andy's other tournaments. I am posting the rules of the game and how points will be scored for everyone to read before starting predicting.

    How to play:
    For each tournament you will have to predict a Main Draw FTM.
    1. How far Andy will go in the tournament
    2. The winner of the tournament and the 2 finalists
    3. For each of Andy’s matches, you will need to predict the winner and score of the match. For example, Andy Murray wins in 3 sets 7-6, 6-3, 6-2
    (Please ensure you state the player name and a valid winning scoreline commensurate with a best of 3-set match or best of 5-set match based on ATP/ITF Rules. E.g. for Grand Slams which are best of 5 sets you need to make sure you have your player winning 3 and losing 0, 1 or 2 sets)
    4. Also when the semi finals and the final comes around, you will also get to choose the winner and the score of the final (similar to above)

    How far Andy can go in the tournament? 1 point for correct round Andy reached.
    Predicting 1 set of semi-finalists: 1 point (another for predicting the other set of semi-finalists)
    Predicting both finalists: 1 point.

    - If Andy withdraws from a tournament before he hits a ball in his first scheduled match the FTM Main Draw will be void and no points scored. All 4 Grand Slams will have FTM whether Andy is playing or not
    - If Andy starts playing in a tournament, whether R1 or R2 via a Bye, and subsequently withdraws through injury/illness, or is knocked out by losing, the FTM Main Draw stands.
    - If Andy is out, we will have predictions on other matches
    - Remember that in Grand Slam matches, it is a best of 5 set match.

    Predicting Andy’s matches and the final match:
    1 point for correct winner of the match
    1 point for correct number of sets (3, 4, 5) provided correct winner is predicted
    1 point for each correct set scoreline (6-4) (provided correct winner and correct number of sets) For example:
    Predicted score 6-4, 6-3, 7-6
    Actual score 6-4, 6-2, 7-5
    1 point Awarded provided correct winner is predicted

    5 extra points will be awarded if anyone manages to predict the correct scoreline in a 5 set match! If you correctly predict the scoreline in a 3 set match, you get 3 extra points.

    • If the match ends through retirement no points would be awarded.
    • You can edit your predictions as often as you want, provided you do not try and edit it after the deadline as the thread will be closed then.
    • Forecasts which do not clearly state the expected winner and a legal score will be ignored

    Points will be added up after each of Andy’s matches, as well as a leaderboard at the end of the tournament.


    hfwardhouse: 153

    karanga: 144

    RoastLamb: 142

    Speedy Hawk: 133

    cazza99: 130


    Good luck everyone and have fun!

    Important: If you've changed your username during the forum move, please let us know so we can change it on the list.

    Forecast The Match: Co-founded by xenon21, kels, arka and Chrissi. Scoring by Speedy Hawk (divided initially by others including Shaun7879, sound and andys_ipod)
    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **
    Will be run by RoastLamb!

    Here are the full details of this new competition.
    FTM Teams will run along with Speedy's FTM, so your team score will be based on what you and your team mates get in the FTM.

    You make up your own team of three players - and come up with a suitable 'nickname'.........'dumb blondes', Speedy's Gonzalez,

    This might take time to set up and there are only 3 days before the start of the AO. So if it looks as though there aren't enough teams before the first game is played down under we'll pick names from a hat to make groups of 3 and leave you to add your own 'nickname'.....

    So once all the teams have been made up I will be able to start giving your team points. e.g.

    TEAM 1.
    PERSON A got 11 points in AO
    PERSON B got 16 points in AO
    PERSON C got 10 points in AO

    We'll add these points together, 37 points total for team 1, and do this for the other teams to create a points table.

    It doesn't end there!!!

    If a team receives a perfect score by one or more team mates, they will be awarded a maximum bonus of 6 points per round.

    New Rule: No points deductions!

    1. To make this fair for every team if you are a person who is going to forget, miss lots of tennis tournaments or doesn't enter Speedy's FTM throughout the whole tennis year then it's better that you don't enter.
    YOU MUST ENTER SPEEDY'S FTM COMPETITION REGULARLY as your team mates will be depending on YOU for your points.
    2. Once the teams have been made you will be in that team till the end of the tennis season.
    3. Disputes will be settled between RoastLamb, Speedy and the mod team.
    4. You can post for your team mates a maximum of 10 times through the year, but only if, they are genuinely ill, at tennis tournaments or on holiday.
    If there is no real reason given from the 3, the score won't be included.
    We recognise that there might be other 'one-off' circumstances whereby people cannot post; if you have a problem please PM Roasty or Speedy to discuss and agree how best to FTM whilst absent from the forum.
    Here example you can use to PM Speedy and RoastLamb if you are away for most or whole tournament.

    Regular tournaments
    Andy to win 6-4, 6-4
    Andy vs top 10: Andy: 6-4, 3-6, 6-3
    If Andy loses: Highest Seeded/Ranking 6-4, 6-4

    Grand Slams
    Andy to win 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
    Andy vs top 10: Andy: 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 6-3
    If Andy loses: Highest Seeded/Ranking 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
    Semi 1: Andy (if he still in) or highest seeded/ranking 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
    Semi 2: Andy (if he still in) or highest seeded/ranking 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
    Final: Andy (if he still in) or highest seeded/ranking 6-4, 6-4, 6-4
    5. From Rotterdam 2011 forward we will be including the doubles scores involving Andy. Unlike the singles, once Andy loses in the doubles we will not continue.

    Teams so far

    Roasted Mar-shallows - Speedy Hawk, Golden Lady, RoastLamb

    The Rose and Crownies - Linda, SallyDaisy, hfwardhouse

    Katbando - Katie, banksogirl, Fah51

    The Fanatical Maniacs - JAMES4578, scottborthwick, Helen40

    The Matchpointers - pabbers, karanga, goldfish

    The Transatlantic Terriers - cazza99, Genbrit, jaysee

    Capital Aces - DaveArneRiise, BigAl, anor
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
    *** Winner of FTM 2007 ***

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    Re: Forecast the Match Rules and Leaderboard 2018

    Overall Toplist

    cazza99: 17
    Genbrit: 17
    Golden Lady: 17
    karanga: 17

    anor: 16

    Big Al: 15
    hfwardhouse: 15
    JAMES4578: 15
    jaysee: 15
    Linda: 15

    fah51: 14
    Helen40: 14

    Speedy Hawk: 13

    scottborthwick: 12

    banskogirl: 11

    JerryD: 9
    Katie: 9

    goldfish: 5

    Sallydaisy: 2
    Last edited by Speedy Hawk; 28-01-2018 at 13:49.
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
    *** Winner of FTM 2007 ***

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    Re: Forecast the Match Rules and Leaderboard 2018

    Brisbane Toplist

    Genbrit: 8

    anor: 6
    Big Al: 6
    cazza99: 6
    hfwardhouse: 6
    jaysee: 6
    karanga: 6

    goldfish: 5
    Linda: 5
    Speedy Hawk: 5

    fah51: 4
    Helen40: 4
    JAMES4578: 4

    Golden Lady: 3

    Sallydaisy: 2

    banskogirl: 1
    scottborthwick: 1
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
    *** Winner of FTM 2007 ***

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    Re: Forecast the Match Rules and Leaderboard 2018

    Aussie Open Toplist

    Golden Lady: 14

    cazza99: 11
    JAMES4578: 11
    karanga: 11
    scottborthwick: 11

    anor: 10
    banskogirl: 10
    fah51: 10
    Helen40: 10
    Linda: 10

    Big Al: 9
    Genbrit: 9
    hfwardhouse: 9
    jaysee: 9
    JerryD: 9
    Katie: 9

    Speedy Hawk: 8
    Go Andy Murray --- Go Roger Federer
    *** Winner of FTM 2007 ***

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