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Thread: Wimbledon programmes

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    Wimbledon programmes

    Due to me downsizing home soon, I won't have space for many personal things. So I am selling my Wimbledon and other tennis programmes. The wimby ones are from1990 to 2012, excluding 98,00,04,09 and 11. I only want 1.50 each plus postage. If you buy more then I'll reduce the price. Once I've worked out the total cost I'll ask for a
    Cheque or bank transfer, but I'll send the item(s) straight away. I'm not a dealer, just a fan, but with less space !
    The Nottingham Open programmes are 1996 to 2008 inclusive, and cost 0.50 each plus postage.
    Mods if this isnt allowed then please delete, and accept my apologies

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    Re: Wimbledon programmes

    We have no problems with this, but I'm closing the thread and asking that any enquiries/business is done by PM. Please let me know when you'd like the thread updated with either new information or to announce a sell-out!

    Hawkeye always has the last word.

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    Re: Wimbledon programmes

    Thread kindly unlocked to allow me to update.
    I have not had any response in approx 2 weeks since the initial post, and I would like to dispose of these, so if any-one can suggest or knows of an organisation that would enjoy receiving these programmes I'm happy to give them away f.o.c. Postage would need paying or programmes can be collected from Notts.
    Please PM me and I'll respond. Thanks

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