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Thread: Andy's "HIP" ...

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Quote Originally Posted by Josephine View Post
    Very sad.

    He's not 'happy and fulfilled' - he says he would give anything to be back playing tennis. Well, it's a turn of phrase but that's what he said.


    I was paraphrasing what he said post US Open 2012. Having to retire without wining a Grandslam might have destroyed him. I don’t think this will. Having to face the prospect of retirement is inevitably going to be very difficult. It must be for anyone who enjoys their job, but whether it happens now or in 5 years time it is going to happen. Tennis will always be part of his life. To what extent is up to him. Personally for me the most telling thing were the reports last year of him moving into active mentoring and support of other up and coming sportspeople. It suggested to me he was very much thinking of his post tennis life.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am as sad about it as the next person, but I don’t want to see him 20 or 30 years down the line struggling to walk like Borg was in 2016.
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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    I panicked a bit when I saw that post this morning!! It must be so frustrating for him to be struggling with an injury like that. I'm praying the conservative therapy works and he can be back out playing this year at the right time.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Retiring at a time of one's own choice when you feel you have done all you can - with a planned date and proper goodbye - is very different from being forced to retire through an injury you hope to recover from. Yes, it would be hard for him to retire at any time - but it is easier to come to terms with if he has played as long as he really wants to and has made a considered decision.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    His post and choice of pic makes me very sad. hope he can get back on court but looks like it won't be soon.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    So very sad for Andy, just praying that all works out for him. He's given us so much already, we love him and just want him to be healthy and happy.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    I'm so deeply sad for Andy It doesn't matter how many other beautiful things he has in his life, being a tennis player is a fundamental part of his identity, and his happiness is so clearly and inextricably linked to tennis. Completely understandable - most of us simply cannot begin to comprehend the sacrifices he has made to carve out his path.

    No doubt this news will engender the usual comments about retirement. I can't express how much I disgaree with them - I would not dream of stating that Andy should not retire, so I find it hard to get my head around suggestions that he should. A couple of posts above Josephine has set out perfectly why it will be such a personal and well-thought through matter for Andy and a matter for him alone, so I really hope the likes of Cash and co back off. Andy has explicitly stated how much he wants to come back and play, if Cash and co can't find it within themselves to make supportive/encouraging comments about Andy's stated aims, I hope they refrain from undermining ones.

    Like retirement, I view Andy's medical issues as a highly personal matter. So no comment from me other than get well soon our beloved Andy. We are all rooting for you. We will wait patiently for your return, however long it takes.
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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Very sad news and recovery taking longer than perhaps initially envisaged but knew nothing was guaranteed, however if Andy is not ready then think he should delay his return. If surgery does became more of a necessity at this stage of career could be problematic, Andy very much best placed with advisors/consultants to make the best decisions. I think he clearly misses the game and wants to play a bit longer and hope his body will enable him to do so. Certainly shouldn't be pressurised into calling it a day before he wishes to do so but a worrying time.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    I don’t think anyone is pressuring him to retirement, or otherwise. I also think it is very natural for his fans to be interested in exactly what is wrong with his hips.

    I inevitably have an interest in hip joints. I was born with a severe dislocation of the left hip, followed it up post surgical reduction with Perthes disease. The consequence of that was a deformed spine as a result of being severely lame, (I got 12 months in a full body brace for that), and my first Total Hip Replacement at 26. I also have Osteo Arthritis in knees and other hip as well, caused by my distorted walking gait. I can also remember, whilst being immeasurably grateful the pain had gone, of being aware that the new hip was still not as good as the original one before the onset of Osteo Arthritis, which given my original hip looked like a mushroom, not a ball is telling to me. Whilst I accept I am overweight and unfit, and have nothing in common with AM, I just can’t see him recovering from hip surgery to play at the top level of his chosen sport again.

    It’s not me being negative. It’s cold, hard logic. I can see he is distraught. I just think it would have been far worse had this happened before he won his Grand Slams.

    In the end I don’t want to see this supreme sportsman reduced to the level of Borg.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Tennis just isnt the same without Andy .. but not surprised really , could tell the other day in the exhibition match that he was still struggling with his hip , Poor Andy

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Bless! Feel so sad for him.....and of course us. From the outset with this I really didn't see how he could come back without surgery. I know he's seen specialists but the hip really is a very simply joint, unlike a knee. So options would be injection, resurface or replacement I'd imagine. As someone who's had both mine replaced in the last 3 years, it can be VERY successful. I've forgotten I've had it done till someone mentions it. I spoke to Andrew Castle at DC just after my first replacement and he said he'd had one of his done and been back playing at Wimbledon after a few months. I know not at a high level but....I worried that Andy would keep putting off surgery till it might be too late. I felt he delayed his back op such that his subsequent career, whilst highly successful, hasn't gone on as long as it otherwise might have. Retiring is entirely a matter for him but I just can't see rehab doing it. He's been rehabbing for how long??? If it's not working now.....Time is ticking on. That's 6 months op recovery time gone already, looked at in the clear light of day.
    If he does retire I'm sure he'll continue to be heavily involved in tennis one way or another. I just wish him well.
    Pat xx

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