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Thread: Andy's "HIP" ...

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Poor Andy, such a heartfelt post.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    That is such a sad post from Andy and I hope that having shared his frustration brings a modicum of relief to him. I know nothing about recovery from hip ops but Andy has obviously received opinions which make him very reluctant to put himself through the process. Before his post, I was in the process of posting that if we have to wait longer before seeing our boy competing again, then so be it and I still hope that will be the outcome.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Kyrgios & Strycova left a comment on Andy's instagram post.

    Andy won Wimbledon in 2013 with a chronic back problem which required surgery stalling his progress but he came back and after reaching #1 he suffered a chronic hip injury. Just have to wait for what comes next but his determination is clear, he wants to play.

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    Quote Originally Posted by pabbers View Post
    Bless! Feel so sad for him.....and of course us. From the outset with this I really didn't see how he could come back without surgery. I know he's seen specialists but the hip really is a very simply joint, unlike a knee. So options would be injection, resurface or replacement I'd imagine. As someone who's had both mine replaced in the last 3 years, it can be VERY successful. I've forgotten I've had it done till someone mentions it. I spoke to Andrew Castle at DC just after my first replacement and he said he'd had one of his done and been back playing at Wimbledon after a few months. I know not at a high level but....I worried that Andy would keep putting off surgery till it might be too late. I felt he delayed his back op such that his subsequent career, whilst highly successful, hasn't gone on as long as it otherwise might have. Retiring is entirely a matter for him but I just can't see rehab doing it. He's been rehabbing for how long??? If it's not working now.....Time is ticking on. That's 6 months op recovery time gone already, looked at in the clear light of day.
    If he does retire I'm sure he'll continue to be heavily involved in tennis one way or another. I just wish him well.
    Agree with everything you have said Pat. Rehab just isn't working

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    This is such sad news. He is obviously just loves the game so much and for us tennis really just isnít the same without Andy!

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    Re: BRISBANE INTERNATIONAL 31st Dec - 07 Jan

    I will still be a tennis fan but it will not be the same without Andy!!!!!!!

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    Re: Between tournament discussion of Andy

    The saddest thing of all is Andy realising how much he loves playing tennis at this time :(
    Would he lose a full season if he opted for surgery?
    It seems like the conservative rehab is not producing the results he was hoping. :(
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    Re: Between tournament discussion of Andy

    Andy is like no other. Will never feel the same for any other player.

    Very sad now - losing a whole season at this stage of his career - if it meant that - would be very, very difficult to come back from.

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    Re: Between tournament discussion of Andy

    Kev Anderson, who is older than Andy, had a serious hip injury and contemplated surgery at the start of last year then played some of his best ever tennis to reach his first ever slam final in NY. It was a joy to watch. Andy unquestionably has challenges ahead of him, but there's not a more determined person on the planet than Andy to deal with them. It was hugely telling the other day when Andy re-tweeted a fan's tweet the distilled content of which was 'write Andy off at your peril because he always proves doubters wrong.' (well done, Scott Barclay ) It felt like Andy's way of imploring us to keep believing in him. That seems to be what he wants from his fans so I'll express my unwavering belief in and admiration for his ultra determined comeback (whatever the time, whatever the level it's going to happen ).
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    Re: Between tournament discussion of Andy

    I have no lack of belief in his determination. I really do hope he is able to play soon.

    But sad for him right now.
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