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Thread: Bubble Gap Championship 2018

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    Bubble Gap Championship 2018

    Bubble Gap Championship 2018
    The tennis season is starting anew, although it feels a bit different this time due to the absence of 1 particular player. Not going to stop the racing though, let the chaos continue.

    Rules of the competition
    NOTE: As Andy is currently not playing while recovering from surgery, the bubble gap will be based on Goffin’s score until Andy returns.

    The competition was created and originally run by Rondun. The aim is to guess the 'bubble gap' at the end of a tournament which is either:
    • The no. of points between Andy and the player in 9th place in the rankings (if Andy is in the top 8) or
    • The no. of points between Andy and the player in 8th place (if Andy is outside the top 8).

    Note that race rankings are used for this competition not the ATP rankings. These are rankings based on current year results unlike the normal ATP rankings which is based on results from the last 12 months.

    With each competition you have to guess what you think the bubble gap will be and the person closest to the correct answer is the winner. Only positive numbers are allowed, no need to guess negative values. For example if you think Andy will be 500 points behind the 8th ranked player then your guess is 500, not -500. If Andy ends up 500 points ahead of the 9th ranked player then you still win.

    No 2 entrants can guess the same number and you can't change your guess once you've posted it.

    Bubble Gap competitions run at all the Slams and Master tournaments, so a total of 13.

    The scoring used for this competition is the same as the one used in F1 racing. The top 10 entrants will get the following points:
    There is also an additional 10 points given to the person who correctly guesses the exact bubble gap. In the event of a tie, the one who posted first gets higher precedence.

    The overall winner of the Bubble Gap Championship will be the player who has the most points at the end of the year. Tiebreaks in the leaderboard are settled by the following:
    1st place finishes -> Exact bubble gap guesses -> 2nd place finishes -> 3rd place finishes -> Points earned in slams -> No. tournaments scored

    General deadlines
    Deadline for entries will be just before the 1st match of the tournament. You're free to enter as many of the competitions as you like so join in at any time!

    The Bubble Gap Constructor's Championship 2018
    NOTE: This is on hiatus until Andy returns.

    The Bubble Gap Constructor’s Championship is a team competition, based on the F1 Constructor's Championship. Form a team with someone else, come up with a fancy name and try to beat everyone else to the fancy trophy at the end.

    The rules for this are straight forward. Once you've formed your team, enter the BG comps as you normally would. When you earn points in a race not only do you get points for the individual championship but you also earn points for your team. Team with the highest score at the end wins.

    When you've formed a team post on this thread. If you wish to change the team you had from last year or change your team name post on this thread as well.
    This is optional – if you only want to play in the individual comp then that is fine.

    Best of luck to all who take part and may the best driver (and team) win!
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    Re: Bubble Gap Championship 2018

    Charts and stuff
    (Jun 09) Mark my words - Andy Murray Future GS Winner
    (Sep 12) Andy Murray US GS Winner!

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