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Thread: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    We fully understand how RBA would have been grieving and I am amazed that he managed to play and focus so brilliantly on Sunday. What Goldfish meant was that it WASN'T RBA that Lopez was replacing on Saturday - it was Carena Busta. Hence there is no reason why they couldn’t have announced it earlier!

    Quote Originally Posted by david1610 View Post
    Well, I have grieved and thought I could do my work and then suddenly it ... .hits.. you and you cannot. I understand your opinion under the strict sense of the rules but if he was trying to help his team and then it hit him then I fully understand.
    PS I cannot resist sharing a photo of the doubles and the view I had yesterday! (No not one of the free tickets) Attachment 1459

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Andy. Rafa. Milos. What's not to like?

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Quote Originally Posted by supergran View Post
    Despite my misgivings about the revamped Davis Cup I did watch from Tuesday and thoroughly enjoyed the tennis. Loved all the GB matches and have only praise for and pride in every performance. Kyle was outstanding, Andy fought as only Andy can, was thrilled with Dan's win and Jamie and Neal always gave us hope. The empty seats were disappointing and having to invite fans by providing free tickets spoke volumes. Must admit did try for flights but impossible from Manchester or Liverpool because of time and cost. Hated not being there and will be there next year. I made a protest but can't bear not to support in person. Obviously there were problems which have to be dealt with.
    Feel exactly the same Mo! It killed me not being there! Before it started, I hated what they have done to it but it’s still team GB and they want our support. I wasn’t sure whether it would mean the same to them, but it seemed to.

    For those who are saying they hate it and haven’t even watched any of it .... I don’t think you can really comment. The atmosphere sounded good but I agree there is a problems with empty seats in the later rounds for any one who is not playing Spain. This needs looking at and I’m not sure how it can be solved.

    Everything weighed up and considered I’m afraid that making a stand is all well and good but I have missed being there to support the team sooo much! I will definitely be there next year if I can. I am lucky to be able to take time off work whenever but I do recognise that this format excludes teachers, children and anyone who can’t go away for a week to watch tennis.

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Sports Illustrated's take on the new format Davis Cup:

    4) What do we do about fans? There are few greater sports eyesores than empty seats. When Andy Murray took to Twitter essentially offering to buy British fans tickets, it made for a cute story but also a somewhat pathetic one. How does the ITF get fans in the stands? How do federations work to create a World Cup environment?
    Andy. Rafa. Milos. What's not to like?

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    If I wanted to watch a mix of nationalities and top players playing tennis, I'd do what I've done in the past..... go to a Masters.

    The whole point of DC was to support YOUR OWN country.

    I've said elsewhere the difficulties involved in effectively gambling as to who you'll see when and what flights to book and how long accommodation should be for. Not many folk have the financial or personal luxury of being able to flit off to another country for a week, be it because of work or a significant other half.

    The old format was over a weekend. You knew in advance where, when and for how long. It was also, importantly, a family affair. No need to take kids out of school to attend.

    All we'll get from this year are lots of little Spaniards wanting to play. Most kids in GB probably couldn't even watch it on tv. So it's a backward step in encouraging a new generation of GB players.

    I love tennis but I'm going to continue to boycott what is no longer the DC. Oh, and as for top players not boycotting it, unless I'm very much mistaken, they have to play DC if they want to play in the Olympics.

    It kills me too not being able to support at the DC, but this is not and never will be genuine DC. The only way we'll get that back is to continue seeing empty seats.
    Pat xx

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    What she said. ^^^
    Hawkeye always has the last word

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Thank you Pabbers. At last, someone able to formulate how I've been thinking and feeling about Pique DC, but I have been unable to do so in as clear and expressive a way as you have done. Well done.

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Sorry david1610, have only just got back to this thread. As clarified by Nessie, I was absolutely not criticising RBA at all but the team management. I've become a great fan of RBA since that match v Andy in January and would never expect him to play under the circumstances. That he came back and played in the final was totally amazing and I only wish him all the best with his new wife and future life.

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    Re: PIQUE (Davis) Cup 2019, 18-24th November (MADRID), WORLD GROUP THREAD

    Yes Pabbers thank you for articulating so well. I said that I'd hated it which seemed odd when I never actually saw it on the TV just heard a bit. What I meant was that I hated it going on and was glad when it finished.

    And not having it on bbc/terrestrial channels was ridiculous as the general public didn't know it was on.
    Andy Murray - more exciting than a carnival weekend in Rio

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