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Thread: 1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

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    1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

    I've found out, one of my relatives called Frank Fenner won the 1946 Wimbledon naval championships. Does anyone know anything about this?

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    Re: 1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

    Since I did this, I've contacted the UK Armed Forces Tennis and Wimbledon library to see if they've got any more information. But, I still haven't received a reply from them.

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    Re: 1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

    As none of the above replied, I have now contacted the BBC about it. I've asked the people, behind the TV series called Who Do You Think You Are?, to see if they can come up with any other ideas.

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    Re: 1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

    The BBC have now given me the contact details for Wall to Wall, who make the TV series Who Do You Think You Are?. I've already sent them an email.

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    Re: 1946 Wimbledon championships (naval)

    As Wall to Wall never replied to my email, I've now decided to go to the general public. I've now started contacting all the newspapers.

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