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Thread: Pets thread

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    Pets thread

    I thought this had been started but couldn't find it .... we've just acquired a cat called Bubbles - she's an outside cat (for catching mice and other assorted beasties which she's apparently very good at). She was dropped off about 20 minutes ago, and I haven't seen her since hope she comes back for food after she's explored a bit!

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    Re: Pet's thread

    You must post a piccie!

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    Re: Pet's thread

    We'll have to find her first ..... She did reappear close to the house this afternoon and Mr HFW managed to coax her down to have some food so at least she knows that we'll be feeding her. Minnie went out to see if she could find her but no sign - I'll put her food in the porch and leave the door open all evening and she can please herself if she comes in there - so long as she doesn't interfere with the bunny

    Hopefully she'll be there in the morning for her breakfast!

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    Re: Pet's thread

    Oh dear lol. Hope she pop up time to time.
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    Re: Pet's thread

    Is her old owner nearby? I've always shut new cats in an outhouse for 2-3 weeks before letting them out.

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    Re: Pet's thread

    Her old owner brought her here - but their home is about 3-4 miles away cross country. I think the fact she was still about this afternoon was encouraging - but if she takes off, there's not much we can do about it! I'd have shut her in somewhere but her old owner took her out of the cat box and put her down ....

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    Re: Pets thread

    Update on Bubbles ..... she turned up for breakfast yesterday morning which was great. Left her munching her food in the porch while Barley bunny had his breakfast .... came back out to find her showing much more interest in the bunny than her food .... so she's no longer permitted in the porch and the bunny has been so traumatised by the whole experience (and who knows when I've been out of the house maybe Bubbles has been peeking through the window at hime ) that this morning when I shouted for Bubbles to come for her breakfast, he was thumping his foot sounding the alarm and she wasn't anywhere to be seen

    Silly bunny!

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    Re: Pets thread

    Oh poor wee bunny!!! Cats aren't interested in bunnies though, are they? Is it a really wee bunny? Maybe Bubbles is mistaking it for a unusually fat mouse with unusually big ears?
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    Re: Pets thread

    Oh she was very interested in him .... I'm sure if she got in there with him, she'd be delighted to have a munch .... he's not that wee, and he' put up a pretty good fight but I still think she'd win

    So she's not allowed in the porch! Simples.

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    Re: Pets thread

    Cats aren't interested in bunnies? Ours has been known to catch a few wild ones in the summer if mice are scarce.

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