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Thread: Newspaper and internet reports

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    Re: Newspaper and internet reports

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    The press makes me so angry. The photo in question was on Twitter yesterday. It was a beautiful picture of Andy and Judy had captioned it ...' is Andy morphing into Johny Mac...' (or something like that.) The only hint, and it was the tiniest of hints, that one of his daughters may have been beside him was a few strands of blond curly hair. Could have been anybody's hair and maybe it wasn't even hair. For that magazine to claim that Andy is pictured with his daughter is preposterous! How they deduce there is a "sweet similarity" baffles me because there was nothing to compare! It makes me so cross that Judy can't jokingly publish a picture without press jumping on it and making it something it isn't. If I am cross, can't imagine how Judy and Andy must be feeling. Sorry. Rant over.
    Wow - they're just tragic, aren't they. Must admit it seemed a bit odd that Andy would release a pic for no reason, when he's obviously decided, quite rightly, that he doesn't want his children in the public domain.

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