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Thread: Rugby Union Thread

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    Rugby Union Thread

    Dunno if anyone else here follows this, but thought it worth having a thread!

    Dave & I used to go up to Murrayfield once a year to watch a Six Nations match, but now we've started going to more live tennis, we don't seem to have found the time . We've seen Scotland play every other Six Nations team except England - with Dave being an England fan, we decided it might be a bit weird having us cheer opposite teams

    First match this year is France v Italy kicking off at 14:30, followed by the Calcutta Cup at 17:00 with Scotland facing England at Murrayfield.

    Hoping Italy might repeat their historic victory over France in last years tournament, but with France at home this time it seems unlikely!

    Getting excited - almost time

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    My brother's off to Murrayfield to freeze his socks off and cheer Scotland on .... am equally excited - we'll be watching on the telly!

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Well, England haven't won at Murrayfield since 2004, which sounds good - except that the matches are only up there every other year, and 2010 was a draw

    Still hopeful, though - I always am!

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Half time score France 15-6 Italy.

    Italy looked pretty strong in the first 20 minutes, keeping France pegged back in their own half much of the time, but then two tries from France changed the momentum, giving France the lead at the half-way stage.

    Could be an interesting second half, if Italy can regroup, otherwise France could well run away with it!

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Indeed Fiona - I'm keeping one eye on the rugby and one on the livescores for Fed Cup! So annoyed there's no livestream for that today

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    St Helens, Lancs

    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Love Rugby..both codes. France win 30-12. Scotland - England next.. Come on England. Red Hot Chilli Pipers will be playing before match. Years ago we used to go to Twickenham regularly. Haven't been for ages. Remember seeing Andy Irvine playing for Scotland one match. Thought he was dishy!
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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Almost time for the anthems - come on, raise the roof!!

    Edit: I love the way they stop the music for the second verse of Flower of Scotland (ok, technically the third verse!) so you just hear the crowd - I don't know any other team that does that - very cool!!
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    ATP Ace!
    Southern Hebrides

    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Didn't approve of the 'C'mon Scotland' from the announcer at the beginning of the game. I'm Scottish to the core but think that's just not very sporting - we'd hate it if the English did the same at Twickenham!

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Err...excuse me - what happened to our penalty there?! They were playing advantage when the chip went through for the non-try, weren't they??!

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    Re: Rugby Union - Six Nations 2012

    Absolutely gutted, but have to say it was fair enough, cos there were just far far too many errors from Scotland. Just can't afford those, but it keeps on happening

    Nice for Dave Denton to get man of the match though - he was the main hight point for me - he was a revelation!

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