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Thread: Rate the last film you saw

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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    There is swearing but not as much imo as you can get on tv nowadays e.g. in the recent series on the Hatton Garden robbery as an example. The sex is brief I thought and fairly tame by today's standards. The drugs clearly play a part but again it is not difficult to watch. I recently saw the film with Olivia Colman playing Queen Anne which I hated (name escapes me just now ). I found that vulgar and gratuitous swearing and sex with limited relevance to the story. We know Elton's life is not angelic but I didn't feel it was excessive. The cinematography and music scenes are what I remember. Each to our own though
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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    I went to see Rocketman yesterday and I was really worried given Elizabeth's statement but I didn't find it that bad at all. And I loved the rest of the film - I was very sceptical about Taron doing all the singing but it really worked and I loved how they changed up the songs and arrangements, loved all the musical fantasy elements. What I don't like is them changing facts. His surname came from Long John Baldry NOT John Lennon. Hmmmm. I know why they made the change but I still don't think they need to. Also, some of it reminded me of Bo Rhap e.g. the first meeting with the record exec being negative, etc. There were a couple of cheesy bits: Elton as a kid bursting into song outside his childhood home but I got used to that format quickly and it actually worked really well in the rest of the movie. Also I don't think the bit with Elton's wife was handled properly either. However, I loved how much Bernie Taupin was featured - it was really a love song to him in the end imho. Just like with the members of Queen you really felt the love and respect between them. And I'm so glad Elton made it and didn't go the same way as Freddie; he really did so much with his life esp. the AIDS fundraising and awareness.
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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    I'm just back from seeing a documentry film on John McEnroe. I'm not a particular fan either now or then - in fact hated him back in the day when I was a child but I think many of you would enjoy the film. A good analysis of the mind of a player not just him. I've attached a link

    I saw it at an arty cinema and I think it actually came out last year but no doubt will be on tv at some point.
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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    Two weeks ago, I went with my sister to see The Current War. I'd already heard about it not getting good reviews. The woman gave us our tickets and claimed they were for the second row. In fact, they were front row tickets and we had to strain our necks to watch the film. Also, while we sat there, I could feel a cold draught coming through the bottom of the screen. My sister later told me that she'd felt it as well. The camera work was dodgy in some scenes, as it looked like the camera had been hand held with a shaky hand. It felt a bit glossed over on the story of Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse. It felt like 'here are three men playing three famous men and this is what they did'.

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    Re: Rate the last film you saw

    Saw Blinded by the Light' at the weekend. The story of an Asian teenager, growing up in Luton in the 80's-90's. He yearns to be a poet but feels restricted by his environment. He discovers the music of Bruce Springsteen, and is able to find common ground in Springsteen's music and background, and his own situation. Its a very enjoyable film, you don't need to be a big fan of Bruce to understand the main character's reaction to the music and lyrics, and the performances from the cast are good. Do yourself a favour and go see it.

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