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29-05-2012, 14:51
Not desperately interesting but felt I should post!

Olympic Torch blog
A few months ago an email came round at work to say you could enter a ballot for a free Olympic Torch concert in Cardiff, with the torch ending its journey for that day at the concert venue. I applied for tickets. They said if people heard nothing by 15 May they’d been unsuccessful. Well 15 May came and went so I assumed that was that. However, teatime on 16 May I received an email to say I’d got tix!

So last Friday Mr P and I set off about 4.30pm to drive into Cardiff. I was very tense as they’d warned about road closures and I’m not sure if it’s a man thing (sorry men!) but Mr P insisted in leaving at what I considered to be a bit last minute – the road closures were due to start at 5.30pm.

Fortunately we sailed into the city and parked in my work car park which is a very comfortable walk from Coopers Field where the event was to take place. Off we set armed with sandwiches and cans of coke. The weather was glorious and I couldn’t believe our luck. We arrived at Coopers Field about 5.30pm. We had to show our tickets, then a bit further on we had to have our bag searched. Oh dear, for me Cardiff scored a big fat zero in the welcoming department. Whenever I’ve been to concerts there and to the same concert elsewhere in the country, I’m afraid it’s been the same – Cardiff is populated by jobsworths. What happened? Well they wanted to take our sandwiches and drinks from us – not allowed – nothing on the tickets to indicate this. So we said we’d eat them and then go in – we could see/smell the fast food. Also on the tannoy they kept saying how hot it was and for people to keep hydrated and drink water……..erm………they were putting people’s water in bins as they arrived. All this obviously so you had to buy the stuff inside. Cardiff City Council will be getting a piece of my mind! Their new leader was interviewed…..not impressed!

That apart, having eaten our sarnies and drunk our coke, we went in and just after that Ameli Sande came on stage and did a fab half hour set. We then had some gymnasts who did a very entertaining performance. Then it was time to watch the flame approaching on the big screen. It was quite emotional, especially listening to Chariots of Fire as the flame got nearer. They had some little kids on stage who were participating in various sports schemes and thebn at last the torch bearer, Mel , arrived on stage to light the big flame. Then she was interviewed by BBC Wales and said the torch was quite heavy. The crowd were pretty receptive but I thought a bit subdued – probably all the stodge and booze they’d consumed :lol:.

After that the headline band came on – You Me at Six. We knew then that we were getting old as a) it wasn’t our cup of tea and b) we’d never heard of them…..so off we toddled into town for a drink, as we had to hang on till 9.45pm to pick our son up from the train station.
I’m really glad we went – it was a once in a lifetime experience and really quite impressive.

29-05-2012, 15:14
Brilliant Pat - thanks for letting us know what it was like :clap:

All the stuff about drinks & sandwiches sounds a nightmare though! I know at most tennis tournaments they take drinks from you because they have specific drinks sponsors and you can't take any other brands in - seems unfair but at least there's a sort of logic to it - taking sandwiches from people sounds ridiculous, especially if you haven't been warned :grrr:

We always take labels off water bottles, so they're unbranded, and we usually get to take them in, but from the sounds of it, I'm not sure you'd even have been allowed to do that! I think you should give them a piece of your mind - I'm sure you'll still have plenty to spare :big grin:

30-05-2012, 07:53
Ridiculous treatment - will be interesting to hear how you get on with your complaint to the council ;)

Sounds like a fantastic experience though - I can't wait to have our torch experience next week :)

30-05-2012, 12:45
Wow! I cannot believe they wanted to take your food and drink. That's just plain idiotic. They don't do that at Rogers Cup. We can bring whatever we want in - thankfully!

Thanks for the blog. Very interesting.

30-05-2012, 22:20
Thanks for the lovely blog! Pity about the silly security and the troubles with food and drinks. Even in the olympics you'll be allowed up to 100ml of water! Sounds like a great experience though :)

31-05-2012, 21:00
Thanks Pat, it is an experience not to be missed.

02-06-2012, 21:01
Thanks for the blog pat.i am hoping to go to the event at bournemouth in july.

02-06-2012, 22:36
Thanks for sharing Pat and a great experience! Pity it was marred by over zealous oficialdom though, seems unnecessary!