View Full Version : Lizzim's Masterclass at Queens with Judy Murray!

17-06-2012, 14:14
I know some of you have been waiting for my blog about my trip to London on Thursday and so here are the links to my blog :)

Background: http://lizzim18atqueensclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/masterclass-with-judy-murray-14th-june.html

Part 1: http://lizzim18atqueensclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/masterclass-with-judy-murray-14th-june_16.html

Part 2: http://lizzim18atqueensclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/masterclass-with-judy-murray-14th-june_5276.html

Part 3: http://lizzim18atqueensclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/masterclass-with-judy-murray-14th-june_17.html

Video clip: http://lizzim18atqueensclub.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/my-video-clip-from-vstrator.html

17-06-2012, 14:22
Fabulous blog! And the photos are wonderful too. That app you mentioned is one that my daughter's tennis coach uses. I wish they all used it. Nice they gave you afternoon tea. I would LOVE to do something like that. Great experience and fab memories.

17-06-2012, 14:23
Thanks Lizzim - glad to hear that you had a lovely day! :)

17-06-2012, 14:24
Thanks for the great blog and photos Lizzim :)

17-06-2012, 14:42
Brilliant stuff, Liz! Have you got any photos of the actual "masterclass"?

17-06-2012, 14:44
Brilliant stuff, Liz! Have you got any photos of the actual "masterclass"?

Not at the moment....obviously we were a bit busy but I am hoping to get something from Paul who was taking occasional photos around the court.

17-06-2012, 16:12
What a great day Lizzim. Thanks for sharing your amazing day. Judy is a real motivator, took my grandchildren down to Newquay when she was there at Easter and they learnt so much in such a short time and couldn't stop talking about it for ages.

17-06-2012, 16:32
Sounds like a great day - thanks for the blogs!

17-06-2012, 16:35
That all sound wonderful Lizzi - glad you and Rob had such a great day - blog and photos were brilliant :big grin:

17-06-2012, 17:19
Wow..what a fantastic day you had. Well done Liz, Glad you and Rob enjoyed your special day.

17-06-2012, 21:34
Great blog Lizzim!!!!!!

PS lucky so and so's ;)

18-06-2012, 16:32
Fab blog, Lizzim and glad you had such a wonderful day.

18-06-2012, 16:39
Wow brilliant blog Lizzim - what a wonderful day!

18-06-2012, 18:47
Fabulous Lizzim, glad you had a great time!

21-06-2012, 18:28
An additional entry on my blog featuring the video clip I have been sent analysing my technique....nobody laugh I hadn't played for a long time......at least 14 years if not more!


21-06-2012, 18:50
Thanks Lizzim. Did you always play with a double handed forehand?

21-06-2012, 19:23
Thanks Lizzim. Did you always play with a double handed forehand?

No idea, we didn't really play at school....we had about 3 courts and 30 kids per lesson so it was pretty much a free for all :) Am going to try and start playing....see if I can do it single handed :)

21-06-2012, 19:27
Great - are you going to have lessons?

21-06-2012, 19:49
We have to find a court first...there aren't many around here :( Still waiting for a call back from one to see what it costs to join....!

jamie&andy's fan
21-06-2012, 21:22
Love the video Lizzim.I wish I had a video to watch what my shots looked like ! :)

21-06-2012, 23:14
wow Liz , lucky you , looks like you had a great time !!!

25-06-2012, 02:53
Lovely blog. Great to relive the memories! Fab day it was and great experience!

This was the video analysis Paul sent me for my serve :)

Here (https://dev.vstrator.com/video/output/4683b268-b3f6-4f8a-ac17-863f4c324882)