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24-07-2016, 17:33
Trying to re-create DC FINAL Memories Thread

If you just want to make one post about your DC Final experience then here's a thread just for that.

However, please feel free to write LOTS more and if so start a new thread to share your memories.


It has been a long, expensive and stressful journey, spanning a lot of years but it wasn't it proved worthwhile last weekend! Our guys did us proud, another achievement in British tennis that I will never forget. :GBflag::coaster:

Just a few lines. It was the best time of my life! Arriving at the Expo was mind-blowing. It's certainly not the most elegant of locations but the atmosphere was full of excitement and "worldcupness" ! I met friends I'd only been in touch with over the internet - brought together during our ticket-purchasing days. I bumped into Judy's dad and said how proud he must have been and we agreed it was just amazing. I forgot I was wearing this ridiculous red, white and blue wig! I was in the second row and one of the highlights was the curtain going down for the first time and seeing everyone already in their places on court.

How loud was it and how exhausting!

On the second day my seat was even better in the second row by the net and seeing Andy coming towards me at full force before turning and going in the other direction was another highlight.

I had wondered earlier in the year if we would beat the USA and again if we would beat France but somehow I knew we would beat Belgium but how fantastic to be there and see the reaction of Andy and the team.

I got a lovely selfie - my second.

My only regret is that I didn't manage to meet so many of you due to the location of my hotel and me being shattered after the daytimes spent in the arena. A wonderful experience. :yahoo:

24-07-2016, 17:40
From Stell...

I had to get up at 1am on the Thursday morning to get the Megabus from the bus station to Victoria. I then had to hang around for three hours before getting
another Megabus to Ghent. It stopped outside the Campanile and I got a taxi with emjay1970 and a South African couple. The driver, who had been a taxi driver
for eight years, suddenly didn't know where my hotel was. I had to look for it, in the dark, and hand him the address on a piece of paper. I found my room was
on the fourth floor. The window allowed the wind to come in, which made the room feel cold. The bathroom had no light in it, so it was always dark. Only two
lamps,one each side of the bed, worked. I had a view of the train station and the trams.

Friday morning came and, after breakfast, I went to the stadium. It was freezing, as I stood there. I knew we weren't allowed to take any bags or food and drink
in with us. But, I told one of the security men about my bag having food and drink in it. He seemed perfectly fine with it and allowed me to take it in. After going through the ticket check, I looked round. I decided to go and look for my seat, but found they weren't allowing anybody in. So, I went to the loo and the woman
asked me for 50c. I told her it was free back home, but it seemed she couldn't care less. I then back to find my seat and found emjay1970 standing there. He
seemed shocked about what they'd allowed in as he had to pay 5 euros for a locker, he told me. As soon as they removed the chain, we went to find our seats. At 1.15pm, the white sheet, which had been hiding the court, came down and revealed the teams and officials. Then, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde came out.
Then, the national anthems played. Russell Fuller had already warned us that no player had ever won a Davis Cup match on his debut while playing a live rubber.
As soon as Kyle Edmund went up two sets to love, I hoped he could change history. But, he soon faded and Goffin won the final three sets. Then, Andy walked
out against Bemelmans and won in straight sets. Afterwards, Bemelmans came over to the Belgian TV commentary team. I took the few strides to where they
sat, but couldn't hear a single word they said. It was like they were whispering or miming. Then, I saw Jamie Murray come out and practise. So, I watched him
before going back to my hotel. Radio five live did a review of the two matches, while the Belgian news showed our team and the barmy army.

Saturday morning and I went off into the historic part of Ghent. After looking round, I found myself outside the Belfort. When I went into the fan room, a couple
were already there. The TV was on and showing F1. A few others turned up, but they didn't stay long. Soon, it was only me, James and Jimmy. Jimmy left first
and James and I quickly followed. We caught the same tram, but had to stand. As the tram made its way to the stadium, a woman tapped me on my right arm
and pointed to an empty seat on my left. I thanked her and sat down next to a man. As I looked at his face, I suddenly realised I knew him, but couldn't
remember where. We just chatted about previous Davis Cup ties. As we got off, he introduced himself as James Ward's father. The penny dropped. Yes, he said that taxi driver who had to pay for all of his son's lessons. As we walked along, he told me about the LTA being money grabbers and was hoping that James would
be playing the fifth rubber. He told me that the coach was still very ill and in Perth. After crossing the road, he mobile phone rang and it was his future
daughter-in-law. I heard him say Goffin and Darcis had been chosen and I couldn't believe our luck. I then took a photo of him. As we passed the lockers, I saw
James. I beckoned him over and quietly told him the who the man was. I think James couldn't believe his luck as we walked towards the security part. He then
left us. James had the security man and I had the woman. No drinks are allowed in, she said after looking in my bag. But, they had allowed it in yesterday I told
her. She shrugged her shoulders and said it was fine. James and I went in. After James got something to eat and drink, we went our separate ways. I ended up
going to the loo. A woman, standing in front of me, kept complaining about the queue. Her voice sounded so high class and posh, I wondered why she was
standing there. They had a woman and a man collecting the money, but there were so many people and three queues that neither of them were paying attention
to all three. Suddenly, we found they were allowing the men in for free. The woman, in front of me, complained. The man, in charge, then claimed that the men don't have to flush the toilets but the women do. Sexist? I thought. There was one toilet, near the entrance, which they didn't seem to be noticing. So, we (in
turn) used it for free. I then went to sit down in my seat. I hoped the Murray brothers would win in straight sets, but they won in four (even though Jamie Murray struggled to win a game sometimes). I went back to my hotel, only to find our team and the barmy army all over the news again. I kept thinking if they actually
recognised any other fans being there.

Sunday came and, after having another look round the historic part, I went back to the stadium. The two security men seemed to be a bit stricter. No drink
allowed, one of them told me. I told him they'd been allowing it in. He thought I was lying and put it on the table. He then took my flag out and pointed to the
bottom of it. The end had broken off during our tie against French and he believed it was dangerous. Yeah right, I thought. You can't stab someone with a bit of
wood. As I had a go at him, he spoke to the other man and then gave it back to me. I walked inside. Later, I went to find my seat (which was up at the back)
and watched Andy win the trophy for us. Afterwards, as I was walking towards the front, I saw a small pile of Davis Cup posters on a chair. So, I picked one up
and got Andy to sign the front and back of it. After leaving the arena, I saw some of the forum dancing with some Belgian fans. About an hour later, I went to
the English bar and found the barmy army playing tennis. I sat and watched as I saw Roger Taylor turn up and his wife join in. Just before I decided to leave, I
joined in with their "I believe" chant. I went back to the hotel and found, once again, our team and the barmy army on the news. Obviously, they couldn't see
past them I thought.

Monday morning came and I had to get back to the Campanile. The man at the travel centre, at the station, told me to take the 76 bus there as it was
cheaper and yes it did stop outside the hotel. But, the woman driver suddenly told me to get off as she had reached the end of the line and I hadn't seen the
hotel. We don't go there, she told me. She then would let me know where to get off. She turned the bus round and carried on back to the station. She then
tapped on her window and told me it was my stop. I got off, in the rain, and walked up to the junction. There was no sign of the hotel. I went left and came
across an office with a woman sitting behind a table. She looked on her map and told me it was a twenty minute walk. She then told me I could get the bus or a
taxi. I opted for the latter. When I arrived, I walked in and told the woman I was catching the Megabus. She allowed me to sit down but then told me I had to
buy a drink as I hadn't stayed there and they had to make a profit. I ordered one and she gave it to me saying I could pay later. After finishing it, a man came up
to me saying the Megabus had arrived and to follow him. I ran out, without paying for my drink, and chased him to the Megabus. My name wasn't on a list, they had as I wasn't due to leave for another two hours. But, he didn't have many passengers and allowed me on. Also, he didn't stop in Lille which made me have to
wait at Victoria for over four and a half hours before getting the connection back home.

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Next batch...

My DC Cup Finals started in March of this year when I delayed my 3 months long holiday in search of the sun for the match against the USA, felt the boys needed all the support they should have, despite that horrid weather it was a wonderful experience seeing Wardy took out Isner, missed the quarters at Queens for my yearly break but made a point to be back for the Semi Finals against the Aussies, just too amazing for words. When we won, I knew I wasn't going to miss the Finals, AGAIN many many Thanks to the wonderful team of Mods and Sally in particular because I was very fortunate to get tics for the 3 days which I will be forever grateful. The Finals itself was unbelievable, still have a sore throat. My journey started @ 3 AM on the Thursday, flight from Edinburgh @ 6am and got back to Edinburgh on the Monday @10.30 PM. In between, what I would describe as DC Fever. It was great meeting some new faces in the PUB afterwards. Still not recovered from the excitement. I won't make the the match against Japan as I'll be away for the rest of winter and back late March/April. Wishing you all a great time in Birmingham


Thanks for blogs. Lovely memories as well as a few trials and tribulations. Ah well, I'm sure you think it was worth it to witness such an historic occasion.

A few shots from the big day... it was a pleasure to see so many familiar faces again. Thank you for welcoming me back for the weekend. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Hear me roar...

24-07-2016, 17:52
I'm working on a way of getting photos in too, but that's rather tricky - haven't been able to get it in the post yet, but at least you can click to see it :-)

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Next Batch:

Those are fab, Matt - particularly like that last one :)

Fantastic photographs and captions. Thank you! :thanks:

Great photos :)

Fabulous Matt,certainly was a memorable weekend!

Wonderful, wonderful pics

Wonderful :clap: :clap:

24-07-2016, 17:59
Next one from Theresa:

Well finally after getting back on Tuesday and having a busy few days since I can finally catch breath.

First and foremost my thanks must go to Sally and the mods who work so tirelessly to sort out tickets and such like. It is appreciated beyond all measure. Secondly to all the nice people on this forum who were so helpful with regards to advice about hotels, travel and tickets. It was great to meet some of you in Ghent.

As you all know I did have strong reservations about the security situation, but having decided to go I then stopped worrying. As far as I was concerned it was then in the lap of the gods. Left home at quite a civilised hour on Thursday morning, unlike some of you, and had an easy journey into London, and across to St Pancras. Equally easy hooking up with my friend. Once on Eurostar I left it to my friend to decide whether to change at Lille or Brussels. Given the prospect of finding our way between two different train stations in the dark in Lille and following a few sign posts in Brussels idleness won out.

Changing in Brussels was easy, and we reached Ghent without problem. At Ghent however I discovered that in spite of getting a Europass put on my phone it still stubbornly refused to work on anything other than Wifi in Europe, and I had forgotton the tram number to the Expo. A certain amount of crossing and recrossing of tram lines followed, which given my propensity to get a bit confused with left and right could have been dodgy. However we then saw sense and went into the station to ask for directions. Having found where it was the tram was easy, and we met up with other forum members en route. The hotel was fine, and we hooked up with Rosiebear to pick up tickets and T shirt. Wasn't up to a full meal, so made do with a burger and beer.


After a substantial breakfast, (I do enjoy sampling all the different little pots of stuff) - thanks for the company James, met up with Patlowe and her daughter went across to the Expo. Only problem of the morning was the glue in my Union Jack false nail kit had dried up - that will teach me to buy cheaply off of eBay. Got in without a problem, even after the screws inside my hip had made the scanner bleep.

We then had time to hit the stalls. I love all the little souvenirs, and set too with a vengeance collecting them all. Was a bit disappointed that they only had photos and cardboard cut outs of the Belgium team. Not having been to an away tie before I had much to learn.

Then it was off to find my seat - cue the first eye roll from Sally (the second was on the third day when we were waiting to go for the drink with the LTA, and she said to go to The British Bar, only to get a vacant, puzzled look from me. Had I noticed there were Belgium and British Bars - nope? Sorry Sally), when I was in the wrong seat. I thought it was odd that I was sat couple of rows away from the group. The curtain came down and the action commenced. At which point I sent an excited, slightly drunk picture text to my Godson. It amused me no end, the idea of the poor lad having to explain to his "A" level maths teacher that the disturbance was caused by his slightly intoxicated Godmother, who was in Ghent for the tennis, and was a bit overexcited...!!!

Thought Kyle did really well, and made his contribution to wearing Goffin out a bit. Greatly relieved when Mr M came in and did his job with no mucking about.

At the end of the days tennis, decided to go into Ghent to say hi to folks in the Fanroom. Getting on the tram was an interesting experience in what being a sardine must be like. Ghent at night was very, very pretty. Found the Fanroom, but that was the night that wasn't. A pain after all RB's hard work, but these things happen. So we went and found a restaurant that a Belgium had recommended, and more beer. Then back to the hotel to collapse.

Saturday after breakfast take 2, we popped into Ghent and had a stroll around. We found a nice little souvenir shop that could meet my need for yet another tacky fridge magnet for my collection, and some Belgium chocolate to take home. Then back for the doubles. We were not with the group that day, but had front row seats. Some TV Chanel filmed my dinosaur. The doubles were brilliant and Murray and Murray delivered the goods. Felt a bit sorry for the Belgiums - they gambled with Goffin, but lost.

In the evening we were flagging, so decided to eat in the hotel. Had a nice meal with Jeanie and Isla.

Sunday dawned and after yet another 6 course breakfast, off we went. I was determined to get enough points to get the DC metal key ring, so I had to tick off lots of daft activities, meanwhile thinking with the concrete non drunk part of my mind, wouldn't it have been easier just to have been able to buy it. However I won my prize. Sorry I have forgotton the name of who I was sitting next to on the Sunday - I think it was Pat, but thank you for keeping me so calm. Then there was that amazing final point and victory was in the bag.

Loved all the celebrations and parading of the trophy. Really glad that all the team members who had played this year, got their own trophy. Particular kudos to Jamie, James W, Dominic Inglot and Dan Evans, as well as Kyle. They all contributed in different ways. I am a Murray supporter to the core, but honesty means I have to admit that Ward v Isner was probably the top match of all the ones I saw. The victory was just so unexpected. It did things to my nervous system that usually only Mr M is capable of.

It says much for what you lot have done to me that when my cousin, she of the knitted Murray said "I saw you on TV - was that you with an inflatable Union Jack dinosaur standing next to somebody with a sparkly Union Jack hat?" I replied with absolutely no trace of embarrassment "Yup - that was me".

Then after the fireworks came the unexpected and delightful bonus of actually meeting the man. When I have told people, some of whom still hold a sterotical view of Mr M, what he did when he must have been so physically and mentally exhausted, it has really changed their view. I have my selfie and autographed ticket, which I will treasure.

Sunday evening it was back into Ghent to go to the Fanzone and say hi to more of you, and watch that amazing final point over and over again, before heading back to the hotel to pack.

The Belgiums were lovely - very philosophical about losing. I don't think any of them expected to win, but all credit to them for putting up such a valiant fight, and taking it in such good part. I forgave them for their comment "you have the tennis, we have the football", which I thought was rather restrained in the circumstances.

The journey home was a bit of a pain, surface to say that Eurostar do not seem to have improved their organisation since the last time I travelled with them. The Brussels Christmas markets were good, the meal in the hotel on the Monday night was so vile, that even my renowned ineptitude in the kitchen would have struggled to achieve such heights of vileness.

Finally got home late Tuesday, and only now am I coming down from the high.

A truly amazing experience. An "I was there" moment. Thanks to all of you who were there in body or spirit to share it.

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Hope it's ok, I'm going to leave out some of the comments/replies for now as I think it's more important to try and get the memories back, and I don't know how long they will be available in cache...

That's page 1 & 2 - for some reason page 3 isn't in the cache any more :sad:

Maybe there were scantily clad ladies on it ;)

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Caching seems to be completely random! (Out of interest, are you using Google's Cache?)

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Google seems to be the most reliable, yes but also found a few on archive.org :)

Master Yorkie
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I could only find the forums and thread lists on archive.org, but I suppose on the plus side, wheras on google, the thread lists will soon change to 'after the hack' versions, archive.org will keep these lists forever.

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Sourced via yahoo:

A few of my crowd pics from the Saturday & Sunday:-

http://s885.photobucket.com/user/Jim...d%20-%20Sunday (http://s885.photobucket.com/user/JimmyG787/library/Davis%20Cup%20Final%20Crowd%20-%20Sunday?sort=3&page=1)

Master Yorkie
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I found entries 21-30 on the following link - most were just thanks etc. so I only posted #23. If someone wants to post the rest, fine! %2Fforums%2Fshowthread.php%3F3675-DAVIS-CUP-FINAL-Memories-are-made-of-this-...%2Fpage3&fr=yfp-t-903&ei=UTF-8&u=http://cc.bingj.com/cache.aspx?q=http%3a%2f%2fwww.andymurrayfanforum.c om%2fforums%2fshowthread.php%3f3675-DAVIS-CUP-FINAL-Memories-are-made-of-this-...%2fpage3&d=4816996369633831&mkt=en-GB&setlang=en-GB&w=a78FhjuNE_mOhGi5kQWmB4vesq40es9Q&icp=1&.intl=uk&sig=_1ge._IDLwBaaurbGmKU2A--

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Page 3: 07/12/2015 to 08/03/2016

Suspect we're constrained by the amount of space we have available to us on the server but as that's not my area of expertise I may be talking drivel!

yes fantastic photos. Love the last one. Some of the fans get better pictures than the press.

A few of my crowd pics from the Saturday & Sunday:-

Thank you JimmyG for those photos. Lovely memories! I can spot daughter and myself in one of the Saturday pics!

Great piccies JimmyG :)

Good pics - and I can see myself in one!

Yes, you are beside my daughter! Hope to meet up with you again next weekend. Can't wait.

I feel a blog coming on! Watch this space!:big grin::GBflag::GBflag: