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03-01-2017, 18:13
I thought I'd have a crack at explaining how these work - all 149 of them!!!


1. If you REPLY TO THREAD or use QUICK REPLY you're automatically given a single line of 'post tools' to use, including colour, font size etc. AND a little yellow SMILEY image to click on. Doing so brings up a limited selection of 15 smiley emoticons to choose from and the majority of posters use those as it's quick and easy and, as explained further down, they are 'topical'.

2. To access the rest you need to click on GO ADVANCED. This brings up another side box of 21 Smileys; if you want more than that you have to click on MORE which will bring up the whole lot of 149.

3. You can type in the NAME of the Smiley you want to use if you know it as long as you add a colon back and front. e.g. :smiley: A lot of them are fairly obvious but if in doubt HOVER your cursor over any smiley in use and you'll see it's shortcode to use any time.
Here's a few ... flowers sofa yahoo thumbup dance jitterbug shocked angel skippy

We have set them up into a number of categories.
Generic for most of the year and for most needs; randomly assorted.
Seasonal - Christmas, Easter, Olympics
Grand Slams & characters - AO (skippy), RollyG (pierre), Wimbledon (strawberry) and the USO (unclesam).

So, for most of the year it's the generic ones but as events come round we move that group to the top of the hierarchy meaning right now you're all seeing the AO ones first followed by some generic ones. The AO ones are there in the full set all year round but the 'order' means most of the year they're the bottom group so don't appear in the short lists which you see when using reply to thread or quick reply.

Hope I've not confused any one ... just that people have commented on 'new' smileys which in fact have always been present.

Although I have snuck in a few new ones to try out ...
:boomerang: :bbq: and a couple of knights ... :knight: :sirandy:

Not too happy about the latter 2 so if anyone spots better ones please let the mods know!