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17-02-2017, 10:36
Before Leaving

Having checked all the weather sites the view was that temperatures in February would range from about -4c to -18c for 90% of the time with 10% possibility of +3/4c or -30c. I therefore decided I definitely needed some extra warm weather clothing, so a trip to our large Decathlon store was in order. Starting with lined walking boots rated good for -15c, a size bigger than normal and some cold weather socks to go over my normal socks. Then Thermals, both vests and long johns, gloves, good for -15c and a circular scarf, one than you pull over your head and covers neck (and can cover mouth and nose if pulled up). The lady serving asked "are you going somewhere nice?" ....."Canada" I replied "Skiing?" she queried "No Tennis" I replied, which abruptly ended the conversation. Now my next concern was that I had not been well for a week and was getting worse, so a trip to the Doctor's Thursday before going, listed to my chest and back, you definitely need antibiotics, hopefully they will kick in before you fly on Tuesday, if you don't improve see us again on Monday before flying so we can assess if it is alright for you to go. I started to improve, my temperature had dropped, no way was I going to give the docs the option of advising me not to go, my wife was worried "you will stay in the warm, don't go outside and take taxis everywhere.....and don't make yourself worse by shouting!" ......."yes, my love" but no way could i see myself sitting like a dummy in the Library. Anyway, Tuesday morning arrived, I was up early had tea and cereal before the taxi came, I was still coughing but didn't feel too bad.

17-02-2017, 11:12
The Journey

I got into the taxi, Manchester Terminal 3 please, I allowed plenty of time the flight was at 8.55, I already had printed my boarding passes so didn't really need to be there that early but left home early and arrived there about 7.10 and was quickly through bag drop and security, had a walk round the terminal looking to see if I could find Supergran but there was no sign of her. I bought myself a battery recharger for my phone in Dixons and having seen a massive queue at Costa went up the steps to another bit where there was another place I could get myself a latte and my second breakfast...Porridge followed by a Yoghurt mix. I checked on the forum for any updates and posted at the airport. John, our friend (who travels with Topspin, the old Tim Henman fanclub) had been moved to a flight an hour earlier on the advice of his travel agent and had already boarded his 7.55 flight by the time I was through security. Anyway our flight was called just as I finished my Latte so off to board. When i got on the plane I saw Supergran a few rows behind me so said hello. We were delayed a bit waiting for some time on the runway but made heathrow about our scheduled arrival time. We needed to get from T5 to T2, it was busy as usual and the assistance people came and helped us to get to the bus to transfer to T5. On arriving at T5, we went to the assistance area who took our boarding details and said someone will be along soon...well we waited and waited, at least 20-30 minutes had passed and finally someone arrived in the lift to take us to our gate, but it was a slow process, a powered vehicle to a stop, change to push chair, then another wait and another powered vehicle to the gate. John was already on the plane and I had managed to select a seat across from him, SG was a few rows away from us. There were lots of empty seats so after takeoff SG managed to move to a middle three all to herself. The plane was very nice, so much legroom, at least four inches more than normal, it felt like we were in Business Class with that amount of space. We were fed a reasonable meal and then I chatted with John a bit before watching an action movie, Jack Reacher, never go back. The seven hour flight went very quickly and soon we were landing in Ottawa at 2.35 in the afternoon, the captain told us how it had warmed up a lot from earlier when he told is it was -20c and that it was now just -9c!They seemed short of assistance but found a spare wheelchair so I pushed John whilst the helper looked after SG, Soon we were out and near the waiting taxi's. We managed to find one that could take all 3 of us and our bags going to the downtown Marriot first for SG and then to our Hampton by Hilton hotel a couple of miles to the east

17-02-2017, 13:32
If you were feeling poorly at times Roy, you would never have known so good were you at waving the flag!

18-02-2017, 10:12
Wondering whether to do a blog myself but my memory is so bad I've already forgotten half of what I did!

18-02-2017, 10:23
Wondering whether to do a blog myself but my memory is so bad I've already forgotten half of what I did!

Please do, you managed to see much more than I did

18-02-2017, 10:52
Before the Tennis - Part1

The Hampton by Hilton is a 3* hotel with a walkway across on the second floor to the nearby larger Marriott Courtyard East, which was one of the two hotels offered by the LTA package, between them almost 600 rooms. I quickly checked in but John had a problem...they couldn't find his booking for an accessible room. It appears his local travel agent had booked through another agent based in LA but they didn't have the booking on the hotel's computer. Luckily they had an available room and after phone calls and emails established even though his confirmation showed January, he had been booked 31st July! At least we managed to relax (well me at least) drinking tea and watching football (soccer to them) on the TV nearby, John's team Burnley were on and eventually managed a narrow win so John was happier when we went to our rooms and put our suitcases in them before meeting in reception for a trip over to the adjoining Marriott for food. The welcome and the service there was outstanding (as it was everywhere in Ottawa), however the food did not match the service and there was both a 13% tax to add to the bill and a 15% service change (normal for Canada) which considering the service we receive all trip, was, in our view, worth paying for. After food we managed another cup of tea back in our Hotel before going to our rooms about 8.30 local time. I showered and watched tv for half an hour before going to sleep. I woke at 3.30 in the morning but managed to turn over and sleep until about 6ish. Sorted my things and watched TV before we went to breakfast about 2 hours later. Again staff were really helping fetching and carrying food to help John, asking if they could get us anything else. We relaxed there eating, talking and then eating more .......Porridge cereal yogurt bacon french toast omelette fresh fruit salad toast, reasonable food with a good choice, earl grey tea as well!

We took a taxi after deciding to go to Parliament House but when we got there we were told it was closed until 12.30 and we needed to buy tickets on the main road below for then....but when we got to the ticket office we were told how busy it was tickets for tours which were sold on a daily basis from 9am and to come early tomorrow. In the absence of ant taxi, we decided to walk a little down and towards Supergran's hotel. Slowly we made our way, the pavements here were pretty clear so John was happy to walk slowly. We were happy to arrive at the hotel, by then we had been in the cold long enough despite our extra layers and cold weather stuff so we went into the Starbucks there for a warm drink. Whilst we were they we got a message from Hawkeye that he and Supergran were meeting at the venue in Lansdowne so when we finished our drinks we took a taxi from the rank by the hotel (we couldn't find any taxis near the parliament building) to the DC venue.

18-02-2017, 13:24
Before the Tennis - Part 2

The taxi driver dropped us at the bottom end of the TD Place arena, virtually outside the steps leading up to gate 3. The taxi drove away, we started walking up the street which was deserted... it was like we had come to a Ghost Town...a Town with empty Cafes Bars and Restaurants ...and no sign of Supergran and Hawkeye.....but on closer inspection they had staff waiting inside, in the hope of customers arriving. There was nobody at the ticket office booth but there was a door so we pressed and entered. There were a couple of staff inside, we asked about getting in to view the team practicing but were told no public admittance. We then asked if there was accessible access nearer to the main Brits block (John was given a ticket for the far corner and had to enter via gate1 and a lift) but were told no it was not possible. We then asked about the draw and the one lad told us it hadn't been confirmed yet but took my email address and promised to tell me. He thought it would be Midday. Before leaving I asked him a final question, can you recommend a place here that can put our soccer on at 3pm and he said try asking at the place called Local, so off we went.

We walked across into Local, a real sports bar with masses of tv screens everywhere! are you able to put Manchester United game on at 3pm, the girl welcoming us, said i'm sure we can but will check. We got a comfy location and ordered some food and drinks. Whilst we were eating our food got a message from Hawkeye we are in Joey which turned out to be next door. Anyway, Supergran and Hawkeye arrived and we had a long relaxing lunch/afternoon/early evening session and were on the third waiter before we left. After starting with $7 drinks we were tempted by the happy hours offer of $3 beers and wines. This was the only place in Ottawa I encountered, that couldn't manage a proper Irish coffee, tipping one glass into another in front of me. Whilst we had the football on, I must admit I didn't get to watch much, since we were all chatting. The time flew by, further rounds of drinks arrived, Supergran told us about her latest adventure, see other thread for more details. Over the time we were there, it filled up completely and by the time we left there were people waiting for a table to become available. In the end we paid our bill for the third time and John and I left in a taxi to go back to our hotel, which by then we had both become a little tired (well it was after midnight uk time) and slightly worse for wear. We had tea (tea and coffee were available free near reception, 24 hours or in our rooms) before going over to get some more food. My throat was definitely a bit worse so i had chilli soup and a decent Irish Coffee.

The next day both John and I were feeling blocked and rough, so we did the sensible (boring) thing and stayed in the hotel to rest before the Tennis the following day...I know wimps! Definitely no more beer as well!

19-02-2017, 00:29
Thanks for the blog Roy. Really helps to read all about it. :)

20-02-2017, 06:52
Thank you Roy. Looking forward to the next instalment.

20-02-2017, 11:38
Yes - thanks Roy!

21-02-2017, 10:36
Tennis - Friday

After Thursday had dragged, both John and I were much Livelier at breakfast on Friday... but then the place was much livelier, overflowing with people arrived for the opening on the Winterlude which brings many visitors to Ottawa. The breakfast area in the Hotel was soon overflowing but the extra staff kept the food topped up very efficiently and were still able to assist, Supergran and Hawkeye said they would be meeting in Joey at 12, we arrived a little later, the taxi journey took much longer since some roads near the Rideau canal were closed in preparation for the Winterlude. We went into Joey and saw Hawkeye waving to us. There were a number of other Brits in the place which was already very busy, so different to two days previous. The time quickly passed and we could see people entering before 2pm when the gates opened. John had to get round the far end to gate1 which was there for people unable to walk up the stairs. He was situated in the far corner from where the Brits are and needed to take a lift and then walk through a press room to get to his seat, a number of free standing chairs had been cordoned off on the (lower) concourse that side. It was a reasonable view there being less seating that side. I went to our area and picked up my shirt from my seat, got an early picture of the main Brit area1239

21-02-2017, 12:17
Friday Tennis continued

The forum members were given tickets right in the heart of the liveliest and loudest Brits, just behind the front two rows of Stirling barmies and in front of Murraynators. I was lucky to have the seat nearest the gangway which enabled me to jump out with the massive flag at opportune times. The barmy drummer was a row in front of me! Linda, Hawkeye and Supergran were to my left. Just what I liked, to be in with the noisy crowd. There were a number of We are tennis crowd at the back of the Brits section making some noise, with BATS and individuals in-between. I can't believe we had some Brits opting for upper tier cat2 and very back cat3 tickets! The prices were much less than the overpriced Birmingham ones at the same stage a year ago! When we came in Kyle was warming up on court with Dan due to go on first against his much younger and lower ranked opponent. When play commenced, the arena was not much more than half full. The Canadian singing section, numbering only about 15-20 then, they were getting drowned out by the barmy army led Brits. Dan started in confident fashion but the lad was quick and certainly liked playing on the ultra fast court, hitting heavy serves and forehands. The GB team had Cameron (Norrie) with them as a hitting partner, also a leftie, similar ranking to Shap , currently at uni in the states, which I guess was not only a good experience for Cameron but also good practice for Dan and Kyle. We had the dubious pleasure of having a tv camera crew stationed next to us for most of the day, sometimes getting a bit in our faces and also stopping me from getting in the gangway some of the time, but obviously from the photos and videos sent to us, the forumistas were getting plenty of coverage along with the Barmies.
Well Dan was always going to be too good for Dennis although he did hold out on his serve longer in the final set until he was broken on his final service game. We had a break long enough to get a drink and a pizza (not only Hawkeye) and then it was the singles match which I thought would be the toughest and which Canada obviously needed to win, Kyle v Pospisal. By now the arena had filled with many people arriving after work. Canada is very much like the states, workers normally have only 10 days leave a year, so most working people could not afford to take the day off work and arrived just in time for the second rubber. Unfortunately Kyle was very out of sorts, he clearly doesn't like a fast court and unfortunately played similarly to how he had been playing in Australia in the first set, did nothing in the second but did go down fighting in the third. With his big serve and forehand, I really expected Kyle to be harder the break on his service games, but it was not to be. Give Popsicle his due, he played well from the beginning and did some excellent returns and played using his doubles experience and the fast court to his advantage, often wrong footing Kyle.

After the match Hawkeye and Supergran waited outside for John and myself to come round from the far corner and we walked checking the eating places, they all were full with an hour's wait. Hawkeye and I went further looking at other ones and Supergran and John came more slowly. The final one said 45+ wait! I spotted a parked taxi went opened his door and asked if he was available to take us. He was eating food but was very keen to take a fare so I called the others and the 4 of us squeezed in and went to Supergran's Marriott hotel. Somehow I managed to loose my small flag getting in the taxi, i thought it had been tight in my rucksack but obviously not. The four of us ate and drank in the hotel, relieved that we had managed to get there, because taxis were scarce at the venue with about 7,000 people leaving at the same time.

22-02-2017, 15:29
Super Saturday - I always look forward to the doubles

Even though there was just the one doubles rubber, the start time was moved two hours earlier than on Friday, so we decided not really time to eat before heading into the venue. John and I found breakfast much quieter than on Friday, the hotel had opened up meeting rooms as extra dining. We decided to eat slowly relax and eat some more Porridge, serial, yogurt fruit salad, french toast, bacon, omelette and some cake to finish with another tea. We both took a couple of bananas with us which we sneaked into the arena between spare clothes in our rucksacks. The taxi taking us there ground to a halt coming off the expressway, the main road down to the venue was hardly moving, the driver made to turn back and went along a parallel road until we were about 300m or so away at which point we all agreed it would be better if we walked the final bit. John needed to proceed carefully but luckily the pavements had been well cleared of snow so they weren't too slippy and we made our way there slowly. The staff that greeted us as we came in spent more time chatting to us that checking our things.
We were aware how the doubles could be so important and that they have often been decisive and had come to the view that, despite our great doubles record (won last 6 and 7 of past 8 DC doubles, last loss being to the Bryans in 5 sets in Glasgow) that the Canadians had 2 really top doubles players and should be considered as very slight favorites, in what was expected to be a close encounter and we certainly didn't expect either side to win in straight sets like the singles matches. Hawkeye had obviously been well oiled and done too much on Friday and so wasn't functioning properly today.....no not our Hawkeye, that one could drink for .........er...Scotland, talking of which he was already a very happy man after the Rugby victory over Ireland.

22-02-2017, 22:17
Well as you know, it was very exciting with some very close games and sets, plus a few questionable calls without Hawkeye. Dom was serving his bombs...even faster than Pospisal ...There was a wonderful atmosphere, Brits were really behind the lads, the Andy/Colin song of years back was now the Jamie/Dom one, being indoors made it much louder than outdoors in Serbia. In the end it was a tremendous victory for Jamie and Dom in 4 sets with Dom really playing well and probably was the best player, the set they lost on a really bad call could have been crucial but all credit to Jamie and Dom for battling on and winning. From where we were it appeared clearly out and it is hard to fathom why the umpire didn't overrule the line judge and call it himself. Anyway the win was a cue for massive celebrations, all the team joined in, never seen Dom looking so happy, so GB had a 2-1 lead and only needed one win in the return singles, the feeling in the Brits there was that we were almost through.

We had agreed to have a Saturday Night forum dinner and to meet at 8 at Byward market. John and I saw no signs of a taxi so slowly walked up the main road until we saw an inviting bar, we followed some other Brits into it. By then I was really feeling rough again, my voice was really rough (well I had been shouting a lot), so more Irish coffees were what I needed, purely medicinal of course. They were excellent so we had another round, chatted to some ladies with BATS about how enjoyable the tennis and everything had been. I persuaded John to stay until about 7 and then we went outside and got a taxi, dropping me off at Byward before carrying on to the Hotel. I was about half an hour early and soon got very cold standing there, so seeing the shopping centre nearby decided to go inside there. I stayed a bit longer than I had realised but was alerted by a message from Hawkeye so dashed back to see him and Linda. Unfortunately, Roast Lamb was unable to make it and that we needed to find a place before letting Supergran know where we were.

24-02-2017, 15:05
Well it seems like Brits were the entertainment during the doubles end changes, what my wife sent me via Whatsapp during the match (with a glimpse of Hawkeye , and at least our Hawkeye was fully functional on Saturday!)


24-02-2017, 15:20
Anyway, after expending all that energy during the doubles match, i went to this really smart Italian restaurant which seemed packed with people smartly dressed, anyway Hawkeye used his charm and got us in at 8pm+ on a Saturday night and I contacted Supergran to let her know where to come. Not long later Supergran arrived and Joined Linda, Hawkeye and myself. I had not been back to my hote,l so unlike the others, I was not dressed anywhere near as smartly, still having one of my back the brits tshirts on under a reasonable crew neck jumper but I was still wearing boots and didn't have my shoes with me. Looking around at all the smart people, I felt slightly embarrassed....I really liked the place, was slightly surprised the the number of groups of young ladies, some of whom were celebrating birthdays. I must admit, the food was excellent as was the service....that is apart from my final drink which caused our waitress problems. I would normally love Limoncello but with a sore throat and coughing up, i thought it best to avoid cold drinks so I asked for a Brandy Liquor ended up agreeing on a drambuie but ended up with.....well whatever it was it, tasted like cough mixture

24-02-2017, 15:25
The Smart Crowd I(ie everyone else but the photographer)


24-02-2017, 15:31
Well, even though I wasn't feeling great, I did have a really good time but there was no chance of any after meals drinks for me like Glasgow. It was find a taxi for Supergran, which we quickly did, then for me, there was a taxi rank just up the road not so far, so off to the hotel and bed, hopefully a couple more paracetamol would help me get a good night's sleep and I would be fighting fit for action on the decisive third day!

24-02-2017, 18:40
Great blog Roy !!!!
Is that you jumping around like a crazy man with the flag ? :lol:

Too bad you weren't feeling well , but glad you enjoyed it !!!

24-02-2017, 21:34
Snowy Superbowl Sunday

Well i managed to get some sleep and woke up all blocked up but that wasn't going to stop me enjoying the decisive days tennis. Sunday morning...it's Snowing with more forecast today with a lot more forecast the next few days. Found out the Superbowl is a big event in Canada, as well


24-02-2017, 21:53
Went to have breakfast with John and he was worried about going with the fresh snow, I said that I could get him door to door by taxi without him stepping on snow, even if it would take longer. So after another long breakfast with plenty of hot porridge and hot drinks for me and my voice recovered, we put our bananas carefully low in our rucksacks and set off in a waiting taxi. The guy understood the instructions, must be door to gate1 without any snow to step on and no matter how long it took. We set off in good time at about 10.15 and arrived about the time the gates were due to open. John's "friends" welcomed him, they really were great on that gate, obviously not used by many people but just typical of how wonderfully we were welcomed everywhere in Ottawa. Anyway lift down again, through the journalists room and towards the seats. Mike from LTA came over (like he did every day) and asked John how he was, John said he was ok but a bit worried about getting back in the snow, grateful the taxi driver had brought him right to the door coming. John introduced me to a Canadian man sat in the back row just across from him with his English mother who had lived many years in Wimbledon. She looked very frail and if not in her 90's must have been well into her 80's> I had by big flag with me an asked would they like a picture together with the Union Jack. Both quickly agreed an I took a couple of pictures on my phone and emailed them. They had been all three days and traveled almost 200 miles by car to come.

24-02-2017, 22:07
Over to watch the Tennis, mixed views on weather Dan could win. I thought Pospisal was dropping a level and that Dan would win in 5 when he got over the line to win the 3rd set but just as it looked like Dan was on fire and about to get a double break in the 4th Pospisal served 2 aces from 15-40 followed by more and more winners. Dan was broken the next game and suddenly momentum changed back. This lead to the tie being leveled at 2-2 and the positive was it gave Kyle the chance to win it for us in the deciding matchl, I was fairly confident in Kyle but not everyone was. Kyle started well banging down his servers and to me, the outcome was never in doubt. Kyle broke in the third and I was moving to jump up so missed seeing Shapovalov hit the umpire but did see the mess of the umpires face and the obvious disqualification. There were slightly muted celebrations, it was such a shame it took the edge of the victory and a pretty solid performance by Kyle. Still Kyle was eventually celebrating, climbing up to high5 fans and signing Autographs, not sure if we get another Doc dance then or not but plenty of singing and celebrations.

24-02-2017, 22:10

Celebrations at the end

24-02-2017, 22:22
Mike said to meet him after it finished and he would sort out our journey back. He didn't tell us then it was in an official Davis Cup car and that we had to go down with him to the lower level, giving Jamie a smile on the way, whilst Mike unlocked a door for him. Anyway he passed us on to one of the drivers and we shared the car with three French speaking Canadians, dropping us off at our hotel first. Well we went to get food and found the place packed, it was not long till the superbowl was about to start and we found a small table but without chairs which the staff duly fetched some for us. By the time our food arrived, the game had starting and .....people were starting to leave? It turned out there had been a large get together for some event in the meeting rooms and people were eating and then dashing home to watch at home with family and friends...so we relaxed had our food ordered desserts taking our time, both of us were really tired, the superbowl reached half-time, Lady Gaga did her bit and we decided we had seen enough and left. Everyone thought the game was over, the Falcons had such a large lead

25-02-2017, 10:42
Well I went back to the room, had a very quick shower and switched the tv on. The superbowl was still on, the commentator gave out the fact that 33 teams had been leading by this amount at this time and all 33 had won...but i carried on watching, it wasn't that late in Canada. The Patriots New England had the ball and scored but they were still at least two scores behind. Back to the Falcons they were driving up the pitch and were within field goal range, which would put them three scores ahead but then the Patriots defense made a massive play and sacked the quarterback, they lost a lot of ground, were now out of field goal range and had to kick the ball to the Patriots who then proceeded to score...it was getting very exciting.....the Falcons were still a score ahead and had the ball but then another massive play by the Patriots defence got a turnover with enough time for them to go and score the touchdown and the extra points for the kick sent the Superbowl into overtime for the first time ever. The Patriots then won the toss and received the kick off and then went on to the winning drive to win in overtime. Their quarterback Tom Brady took all the credits and was declared best player (as QBs often are) but the defense really kept them in it with those two big plays in the second half.

25-02-2017, 10:45
Great blog Roy !!!!
Is that you jumping around like a crazy man with the flag ? :lol:

Too bad you weren't feeling well , but glad you enjoyed it !!!

Guilty, yes was a bit rough but made sure it didn't stop me enjoying the tennis and supporting the team

25-02-2017, 11:03
Our trip home

Well another boring day, we stayed around the hotel and chatted, the manageress (who is a big tennis fan and went all 3 days) said we could keep our room until time to leave, so we both had a very lazy relaxing day. There was more snow but Ottawa avoided the really large amounts other places got and there was a forecast of freezing rain for later. Took our taxi to the airport in good time, our flight was down as being on-time. Saw there had been problems with an earlier flight to Toronto which some Brits were on. In Departures saw Leon Dan and Kyle but no Dom or Jamie. Others had seen the 3 of them checking in, so guess Jamie and Dom were not on our flight. Spent my final few Canadian dollars buying food and some water, saw Supergran relaxing with a drink at one of the bars (what else does one do?). We boarded early with John having assistance but we didn't see any sign of Supergran. It seemed like everybody had boarded the plane and there was still no sign of Supergran, I said to John, I wonder if she's managed to get upgraded and stay with the players in first class......but then a few minutes later she appeared and we found out she had boarded after the players and been having a good chat with them.

25-02-2017, 12:36
Well the Plane wouldn't move from the stand, the captain told us the wheels had been slipping so they were fetching and putting down Sand. The snow was getting heavier! After we got away from the stand we taxied to an area where we were de-iced, they did a very thorough job. Then it was to the runway and we took off about 30 minutes behind schedule. They quickly gave us food and drink and then turned the lights down. We were told the flight back was only about 6 hours and that we would land close to scheduled time. I managed to get some sleep before being woken up about an hour or so before landing, enough time for some food and drink. On landing at Heathrow we waited for others to leave and then sought out assistance. Again they were short of staff etc with a number of people needing help, eventually we got John and Supergran from the gate to the pickup point for the mechanised people carrier which they both managed to get on ,taking the last two seats, so I was left to run/jog after them. I was struggling to keep up and gasping for breath. I took an escalator and they took a lift, then through immigration and then down in another lift to the bus taking people from t2 to t5. Eventually we arrived at our gate and there was just enough time for me to buy hot drinks at the cafe nearby, I drank mine quickly and then carried the other 2 onto the plane for John and Supergran to finish. The flight was very quick and assistance through Manchester was ok but I ended up wheeling John again whilst a helper took Supergran and got us quickly through to arrivals where we said goodbye and got our rides.

25-02-2017, 12:43

We all had a wonderful time, the most amazing thing on the trip was the wonderful way we were treated and welcomed everywhere, how helpful polite accommodating, everyone we met in Canada were. The |Tennis of course was fantastic and it was wonderful how so many Canadians at the Tennis complemented us on our support and how we made it an unbelievable atmosphere. Wherever I walked around to John I was met by smiles and positive comments. In fact I would go as far to say that Canadians and people across the border to the south, are like chalk and cheese, the willingness to help everywhere so different to being in many areas of the states. In fact, I would recommended anyone contemplating flying across the "Pond" to seriously consider Canada rather than the US

25-02-2017, 13:34
Thank you Roy. Really enjoyed that and so glad you had such a positive experience. Well worth it by the sound of it.

25-02-2017, 13:46
Glad you had great time Roy and entertaining blog,being under the weather didn't affect your enjoyment too much even if I'm sure still a bit annoying.

25-02-2017, 14:03
Great blog Roy. Very considerate of the LTA to look after John and you so well.

25-02-2017, 16:00
My final entry, am at Manchester airport again about to depart for Germany, bringing back memories in the same place I started my trip to Ottawa. I wanted to express thanks to both Linda and especially Supergran, I know how much effort and time the blogs take and you have both excelled in your blogs, many thanks as a fellow forum traveller
Finally I am now fully recovered, took me almost another 2 weeks until I felt 100%

25-02-2017, 16:34
Thanks Roy - enjoying reading all the different accounts!

25-02-2017, 16:43
Enjoyed your blog Roy, great to read all the little details and what you all got up to in between our sightings of you on the TV.

25-02-2017, 17:37
Great blog, Roy, especially since you were under the weather all trip. It really sounds as though the Canuks pulled out all the stops to make your visit an enjoyable experience. :clap: :clap: to them!

25-02-2017, 18:17
Thank you very much for your blog. As our group weren't together all the time it's really interesting to hear what others did.

25-02-2017, 19:47
Loving following the blogs!

26-02-2017, 08:48
Thanks for sharing your experience. Good read and pleased to hear you are better. Hope to join you at the next tie.

26-02-2017, 09:10
I have just finished reading your blog Roy. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It's fantastic to have 3 blogs from the trip to read :)

26-02-2017, 22:01
Cheers Roy

27-02-2017, 19:07
Thanks Roy, really enjoyed reading your blog, well done:peace:

28-02-2017, 00:26
Great blog Roy, hadn't been reading it in instalments, just all in one go whilst waiting for a call from KevD in Boston. It does sound like it was a good trip, I'm sorry you were unwell and I hope it didn't interfere with your time there too much. You were frequently on the tv with both the little and large flag, we were having a DC weekend party, waving our flags at the tv along with Yellowlivi, gutted to not be there. Thanks for your cheering and flag waving and for your blog, for those of us who could go