Sir Andy Murray, OBE. World No 1
Wimbledon Champion 2013 & 2016
Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012
Team GB - Davis Cup Champions 2015
Olympic Gold Medallist 2016
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016


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  1. Sticky: Re: Battle of the Brits 2021, 21/22 Dec. Ticket info & Who is going???

    Thanks Sally. Sorry I won't see you there. X
  2. Sticky: Battle of the Brits, Aberdeen.

    Hello, who is going and would like to meet up for a meal etc? Where are you staying?
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    Sticky: Re: Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy birthday Sally.:party:
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    Re: What has made you happy or sad?

    Hello everyone. Today would have been Alan's 82nd birthday and is the 4th anniversary of his death. On this day I reflect on happy and sad times but always remember with affection and gratitude the...
  5. Re: WINSTON-SALEM 2021, R1: Andy v LL Noah Rubin, Monday 23/8, 01.00'ish UK

    Sfayed awake to watch Andy. Was a bit concerned before start as it wasn't clear who or when Andy would play. Happy that match went ahead and Andy won. After wobbly start he went from strength to...
  6. Re: TOKYO OLYMPICS, DOUBLES R2: Murray/Salisbury GBR v Krawietz/Puetz GER - Tues 3.00 am

    Well done boys. :bravo::thumbup::GBflag:
  7. Re: WIMBLEDON 2021 R2: Andy vs Otte - Wednesday 5.00 pm approx

    Another nerve-wracking, emotion sapping Murraycoaster. Playing 5 tough sets is such an achievement. So glad the crowd woke up and played their part. What is it about the roof, it definitely brought...
  8. Re: WIMBLEDON 2021 R1: Andy vs Basilashvili - Monday 6pm approx

    I don't think I can cope with many of those. Talk about a Murraycoaster. Phew, I was like a demented dervish. So proud and happy for him. It was tough after losing the 3rd set. Obviously the shower...
  9. Sticky: Re: ROLAND GARROS 2021 - Qualifying events

    Are we applying for group tickets for the Davis Cup..Seems they go on sale soon.
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    Re: Health and Ailments thread

    Dear Jean, am so very sorry to hear of the death of Isla. I remember her very well at Davis Cup ties. Sending my sincere condolences to you and her family. Tried to phone you but you've obviously...
  11. Sticky: Re: Battle of the Brits - December 21 & 22 2021

    I will be there thanks to tinawatt getting the tickets. Have had to book hotel for 3 nights as it takes practically a day to get there. :lol: Looking forward to seeing live tennis and forum friends...
  12. Sticky: Re: Battle of the Brits

    Anyone interested in going as a group? Sally will you be able to do block booking for AMFF?
  13. Re: BIELLA-1, 2021, Quarter-Final: Andy v Blaz Rola. Fri 12th Feb, not before 3pm UK.

    Let's go Andy!
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    Re: BIELLA 2021, Andy v Gian Marco Moroni. Thurs 11 Feb, not before 3.30pm GMT

    Go Andy!
  15. Re: Biella1 2021, Andy d Max Marterer 6'7(3), 6'2, 6'3

    Well done Andy. He's looking and moving well. Loved the lob at the end. He probably thinks he should have won in 2 but lovely for us to see him win in 3.:dance:
  16. Re: 2021 Biella Challenger 1, 8-14 Feb. Andy WC to Main Draw **UPDATE**

    Looking forward to seeing Andy on court again.:thumbup::jitterbug:
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    Christmas greetings 2020

    Wishing all my friends on here a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have a wonderful time how ever you are celebrating. Here's hoping we can get together some time in 2021. Love and best wishes to you...
  18. Re: Premier League of Tennis Sun 20th-Wed 23rd Dec 2020

    What a treat to watch Andy play and win this week..:thumbup::clap:
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    Sticky: Re: JAMIE MURRAY: Doubles partners ...

    I'm thrilled to hear this. Always thought they were a good team. Here's hoping for more titles for them. Thanks Sally for information. X
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    Re: SOFIA - 8th to 14th Nov., 2020...DOUBLES

    :big grin::GBflag:
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    Re: PARIS MASTERS 2nd - 8th November 2020

    Something is distracting me from tennis this week. Watched Jamie and Neal and Rafa and always have it on one tv but events in the U.S holding my attention. ;:big grin:
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    Re: PARIS MASTERS 2020 - DOUBLES thread

    So disappointing for them.
  23. Re: ROLAND GARROS 2020, 28th Sept - 11th Oct. GRAND SLAM. Main Thread

    Federer is as sick as a pig.
  24. Re: ROLAND GARROS 2020, 28th Sept - 11th Oct. GRAND SLAM. Main Thread

    I'm absolutely thrilled. Enjoyed every minute. Well done Rafa. It's usually only when Andy is playing I'm excited so much but today I definitely was excited.
  25. Re: ROLAND GARROS 2020, 28th Sept - 11th Oct. GRAND SLAM. Main Thread

    It may be one-sided at present but mesmerising tennis from both really.
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