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Strange no comments on here about the European Super League?

No matter.

FWIW it's worth I've just read a tweet by that scumbag Gerard Piquet.
It's copied below together with my reply. (and that of Judy Murray)
Some of you may be offended by my views; I retain the right to hold them.

I will never repent my personal views over this destruction of the greatest, and most longstanding, team sport in the world. It is unique in that regard and very, very special.

BUT I'll always organise tickets, for those who wish to continue supporting GB.

Even if they want to go to the event staged over 3 cities, in 12 days, costing them a lot more money and ultimately, for those few that can afford it, without their fellow AMFF friends and GBR supporters.
It is that which saddens me the most.
I didn’t comment here but I ranted a lot everywhere else! Mostly with GPs name, money and fans all included