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Thread: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

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    The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Why a specific sub-forum for this?

    For many - especially television companies/schedulers - it's almost as if doubles tennis didn't exist. Yet it's at the heart of many tennis communities/clubs worldwide and often the reason for many people to start playing the game of tennis. It's good fun to watch, especially when it brings together unusual pairings in mixed and other doubles events, and can provide great drama on court.

    So, it's a shame that it often plays 5th fiddle to the Singles events on the professional tennis circuit.

    Over the last few years there's been a lot of discussion of the doubles game on Jamie Murray's forum which was part of his official website. Following the closure of that we've incorporated sub-forums in AMFF to discuss his progress on the doubles tour and his life off court.

    But we wanted to continue chatting about the world of doubles in general not least because there's a lot of successful British Doubles players to follow who are now in the top 100 world rankings.

    So rather than 'lose' them in Tour Tennis we're giving them a 'home' of their own - and equal billing with the singles guys.
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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Thanks Sally, a lot of us like to follow the doubles!

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Thanks Sally. I love doubles. Just wish we could see more on tv/livestreams, etc.

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    yes totally agree, thanks a lot Sally!

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Just been watching Butorac/Rojer in Kuala Lumpur who win 6-1,6-3 Booty looks so delighted......well done guy's!!!

    Congratulations to Booty on his recent marriage!!!!
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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Well done Booty and Rojer! Of course Jamie and Andy teaming up this week in Tokyo!

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    With their third team title of the year in Kuala Lumpur, Butorac & Rojer moved ahead of the Poles for eighth in the 2011 doubles teams rankings which determine the eight qualifying teams for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. I think the final spot is the only one truly up for grabs. Indo-Pak Express are in seventh and lead Booty-Jules by 640 points. While they can certainly be overtaken by both teams, they'd really have to struggle down the stretch to miss out. The 10th place team, Isner-Querrey, is nearly 900 points behind Fyrstenberg-Matkowski and they probably aren't playing together the rest of the year with Sam trying to come back from injury.

    HTML Code:
     6.  Lindstedt/Tecau              3560
     7.  Bopanna/Qureshi              3310
     8.  Butorac/Rojer                2670
     9.  Fyrstenberg/Matkowski        2640
    10.  Isner/Querrey                1780
    11.  Melo/Soares                  1655
    12.  Kas/Peya                     1620
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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Thanks Doublesguru, will be interesting again at the World Tour Finals where the doubles players also get some prestige.

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Well done Booty. One wishes he and Jamie had stuck it out.
    Andy. Rafa. Milos. What's not to like?

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    Re: The Doubles Tennis Circuit

    Quote Originally Posted by RoastLamb View Post
    Well done Booty. One wishes he and Jamie had stuck it out.
    As I recall Jamie dumped Booty, thinking he (Jamie) was too good for him!

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