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Thread: Health and ailments thread 2

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    Health and ailments thread 2

    The other one stopped working.

    I received a text message, last Friday, telling me to book my flu vaccine for the 16th of next month. So, I went to my doctor's surgery on Monday and told the receptionist that I'll be in Manchester on that date. She told me to go and talk to my local pharmacy, as they would be offering a walk in flu vaccine service. She then booked me in, for next Wednesday, for my shingles vaccine after I told her about my oncologist's letter. I went to the pharmacy and got told, they would be starting it on 1st October which is a Sunday. I found it strange, as they don't open on Sundays.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I had my shingles vaccine on Wednesday. As I had to have the dead one, I've got to have another one on 25th October.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I had my blood test, this morning. A hospital nurse phoned me, this afternoon, and told me that they were still waiting for my blood test result but reckoned there wouldn't be a problem with it. So, my bone injection will be going ahead on Friday. She was delighted about me having my first shingles vaccine, last Wednesday, and being booked in for the second one on the 25th of next month.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I had my Covid vaccine, on Wednesday, and I've been booked in for my flu vaccine for next Saturday.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I had my flu vaccine, yesterday. Afterwards, the nurse told me, I should now have my pneumonia vaccine. I told her, the hospital nurse had told me two months ago that I was entitled to have the pneumonia one. But, nobody had talked about since. As I'll be having my Zoladex injection tomorrow, I'll talk to the receptionist about it.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I went to the hospital, earlier, to have an eye test. I was told, the cataract in my right eye is getting bigger but she believed the doctor won't be too worried about it.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    My brother was diagnosed with cataracts in June 2021 and still hasn't had them sorted, they've deteriorated so badly he thinks every pattern in the shopping centre is a step and mistook someone for me a few days ago because they were wearing the same colour top!

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    I have a cataract in my left eye. Luckily it is not growing, but I am eating regular bilberries and other berries. Optician congratulated me on this and there is a possiblity could be helping, but don't know for certain. Get lots of bilberries picked over summer and then frozen.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    Mine will be taken out when it has "ripened", I got told.

    I had my blood test, earlier. The hospital nurse won't be phoning me with the result, as my oncologist decided to now make the phone call once every ten weeks. I then had to go back to have my pneumonia vaccine. The nurse, jokingly, told me that my right arm is becoming like a pin cushion as I've got my second shingles vaccine in two weeks time.

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    Re: Health and ailments thread 2

    A hospital nurse phoned me, unexpectedly yesterday morning, saying my oncologist didn't like the low neutrals count of my blood test. So, I went to the Cherrybrook department to have the emergency blood test. The nurse wanted to do my bone injection afterwards, but got told no. So, I had to go back later (after nobody had bothered to phone) to have it done. Because of what had happened, someone in Boots believed I or another nurse had picked up my chemo tablets before I turned up. When the nurse found out, that nobody had picked them up, it was too late. So, I had to pick them up this morning.

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