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Thread: Technical woes 2

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    I have an Acer Chromebook 15 laptop. It now, when I want to type a letter to someone, it keeps coming up with 'this version of Google Chrome is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a supported browser. Dismiss'. I've clicked on supported browser and then Chrome. But, what do I do next?

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    On a Chromebook, Chrome should automatically update, but if your device is quite old it may have past its built-in lifespan. You can continue to use it after that, but it will no longer update. The message you are getting should be able to be dismissed and then you can continue.
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    Re: Technical woes 2

    Why do I frequently get a "cannot decode raw data" error message when trying to access the forum? It persists for a few hours then is ok again.

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    I, sometimes, get a error message when I'm trying to access the forum. It then works again either a few hours later or the next day.

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    Yeah, it happens sometimes.
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    Re: Technical woes 2

    "Sometimes" seems to be for several hours almost every day recently - it used to be a rare occurrence for me. Ah well, at least it works some of the time........

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    I can't get into the forum most days at some point, then when I try it just by chance, it works! Perhaps it's just getting old like some of us! x

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    Re: Technical woes 2

    I'm just thankful it's still going. Many thanks for that. I know the end will come eventually and it'll be a big void in my life after all these years. The forum has been a wonderful place to share our love of Andy from the very beginning.
    Still remember him coming on to chat with us or is my memory jaded??
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    Re: Technical woes 2

    Yes Andy did come on the forum in the early days (when it was the official one), a lot of memories though not so many regular posters nowadays. Have encountered some errors most days recently.
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    Re: Technical woes 2

    Yes Andy did used to official forum and so did Judy too.
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