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Wimbledon Champion 2013 & 2016
Olympic Gold & Silver Medallist, USO Champion 2012
Team GB - Davis Cup Champions 2015
Olympic Gold Medallist 2016
BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2013, 2015 & 2016
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Thread: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

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    ATP Ace! Linda's Avatar
    South Coast

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Haha I suppose I'd better introduce myself!

    I've been following Andy since he won the US Open and consider myself one of his biggest fans!

    But I am desperately in love with Rafa Nadal! Despite the fact that I am more than twice his age!
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    Wild Card patmoren's Avatar
    Beds/Bucks border

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    I am Pat and heard about Andy as a junior and kept an eye on him. It has been well worthwhile. I have been a tennis fan for longer than alot of you have been alive and still love it just can't play anymore due to creaking joints!!!

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    Challenger Circuit

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Evening all

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    Tech Admin davech's Avatar
    Coventry, UK

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    'ow do?

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    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Hi everyone - I've been a member since the early days of the first forum and have followed Andy since he won the US open juniors, getting up at strange hours to watch night matches, seeing him in the flesh at Wimbledon (got his autograph) and at the Paris Masters, and watching over the internet when all else fails. I don't often post but I appreciate the work of all of the contributors and moderators - I access the forum at least once a day because I am an Andy FANatic!
    Thank you for setting this forum up - long may it last.

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    Tech Mod KnightOwl's Avatar

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Welcome Ally & Suzie - we're delighted to see some familiar names signing up - hopefully we'll get loads more soon - feel free to spread the word, the more the merrier!

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    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Welcome AllyB and susieq

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    Admin Mod Sallydaisy's Avatar
    In sadness that I might never see Andy play again

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Jambon - good man! It's great to see you back!!!

    Welcome too to Allyb, Arjun, Aya, James, Kelly, Maza, MJAppleby, Vixs, silver, Michelle and everyone else!

    The off-topic queen strikes again ...................

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    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes

    Hi I'm James from Glasgow, a big Andy/Jamie fan and love tennis in general. Some of you may know me already! Amongst other things I like new technology!

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    Challenger Circuit VamosVixs's Avatar
    Dundee, Scotland

    Re: Hellos and Yebyebyebyes


    Huge Andy fan but also a little obsessed with Rafa!!

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